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Pages length v "Next" buttons

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My site is very content rich and some of my pages are spread over two pages of 2700pix long each.


Would it be better from a search engine point of view, to have just one long page with anchor links at the top (as I have done on the two pages) and an additional anchor link "Back to top" at the bottom of the longer single page?


By the way my page titles over the tow only vary slightly.


For example; disadvantages_of_buying_a_new_home.htm

and disadvantages_of_buying_a_new_home_2.htm

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For the search engines:

-each page needs a unique title tag

-your links to next and previous would be better as words describing what in on the page they are going to. Keyword anchor text does better than next and previous

-you haven't used heading tags to breakup and indicate the sections of the page (this is a user issue too).

-you need an intro paragraph at the top of the page instead of having links at the top and jumping into your different sections of disadvantages


For the users:

-headings to indicate sections of the page will make the pages easier to scan

-back to top would be good


Could you reorganize the content into bigger block topics? e.g. Pricing issues, Design issues, Location issues Putting the blocks each on a page = more avenues for you to be found and focuses the page content for themed content.

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Thanks for the input.


I like the idea of an introduction paragraph before the heading links and will do this as I can cram in some keywords too.


Back to tops is also on the to do list.

I will also change the wording of the next and back to use keywords/topic words.


I dont think I can re organise the topics on separate pages. I wanted the visitors to be able to print off lists etc and not jump from page to page.

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