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10 Things to remember before launching a website

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You’ve completed your design, coded all the pages and implemented the content management system… now what? Launching a website involves many details that are often (in my case) forgotten in the last minute scramble to finish before a deadline. I thought I would share this list of things to remember before launching a website.


Read more: http://www.nikibrown.com/designoblog/2009/09/20/launching-a-website/#ixzz0q3Npe7XW


Do you have a checklist to go through before launching your website or blog?


Got anything to add?


I do, validate your coding.

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Generating a Favicon is discussed at length in the article. Well, one can put Photoshop to good use while creating Favicons. You may need the Windows Icon (ICO) file format Photoshop plugin for the job.

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