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I´m looking for a design tutorial

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There are many areas of web design to learn. What do you want to learn first?


Hi WiseWebmaster,


since we already "talked" about this topic on other threads you´ll know I prefer to work with WordPress for my web projects. I work using templates all the time. But there are times when I get inspired by other sites and I would like to change the templates in a way that they function and look like those sites.


I know the basics of html, css, and php. So, I would love to find a tutorial that shows me how to do the changes I need, I mean a turorial that focuses on WordPress.

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Wordpress Codex has tutorials: WordPress Lessons.


If you already know XHTML and CSS plus some PHP then all you have to do is ready up on WordPress's specific syntax for the areas you wish to alter.


Thank you WiseWebmaster. The WordPress site must be a good place to learn about WordPress :) . I´ll read some tutorials there and see how far I come.

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First you tell that what you know in languages like HTML, PHP, and ASP etc. :rolleyes:

Then I’ll decide what you start first and I’ll give you some tutorials and videos to learn. :D

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