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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys: This site ( Googlebye.com ) is mainly a Search Engine with results coming from Google, Bing and Yahoo. It can also be used as a SEO ranking checking tool. The idea behind this site comes from that I don’t like searching many times on different search engines. After much hard promotion, I got some traffic to this site. However the returning visits rates keeps a low level of 20%. That means most visitors won’t come back. I’m quite confused about it so I get to here for your valuable comments like: Where should I improve for this site ? Do you feel any obstacles when using it ? Do you think this type of sites could be a alternate when searching ? ...... Of course welcome comments not limited to above. Site: Googlebye.com Sincerely. Thanks in advance.
  2. Google adsense is still effecive to earn money from blogging?
  3. This was pretty good... Dane Cook at Google. Damn he’s funny. His earlier comedy is just golden. Watch the full thing here or just search it out on youtube: http://iquitim.com/danecook.htm
  4. nixwebo

    Did Google's Panda Bite You?

    Yes, we all know that Google has made some major changes to their search algorithm some time ago and many of us have heard some horror stories from other webmasters and even online marketers. These updates really hit article directory sites and other spamalicious content farms pretty hard. This has brought on some major changes on a host of huge content sites like Squidoo, Hubpages and others. Hubpages for one has changed all existing links and future ones to be placed on a subdomain for each user so that they spam will not be help responsible at the domain level and there are many other behind the scenes changes going on on many sites. This is just because many people don't want to get bit by the panda and there is a good reason. Take a look at these stats and see for yourself : http://www.pandalized.com/ The one way you can be sure not to have problems moving forward with your online marketing and promotion is to avoid sites that have been hit hard altogether or if you do still use them make sure you are only adding top quality content and do not add to the spam issue. If you are writing content, you need to make it worth reading, really add value in what you share and stay away from spam topics too. Building new content on site is also a must, Google is more interested in "instant" and "social" now more than anything.

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