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Found 5 results

  1. Fabio Cuffaro

    Facebook Newsfeed Changes

    On January 11, 2018, Mark Zuckerberg announced that there will be changes to the content that you see in your newsfeed. The focus will now be shifting "from focusing on helping you find relevant content to helping you have more meaningful social interactions." What does this mean for publishers? Here's Mark's answer. "As we roll this out, you'll see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media. And the public content you see more will be held to the same standard -- it should encourage meaningful interactions between people." I share my philosophy with the companies that I work with about social networking and the importance of considering their blog as a platform to engage users with. Often, companies will focus on building their followers and content strategy for the social accounts but won't put as much effort and focus on their blog. The company's website should be considered as the center of a spoked wheel, where all efforts online point back to it. The content and followers on a social platform are subject to the rules and policies of the company that owns it. Companies that have business pages are subject to the same rules, and the rules keep on changing. For this reason, it is imperative for businesses and individuals with an online following to start placing more effort into their website and blog. This way, they can control the fate of their posts and followers. This does not mean that their efforts should stop on social platforms, it just means that to protect themselves, developing a strategy for their properties should be a top priority in 2018 and beyond. Please share your thoughts on the Facebook changes and potential strategies for publishers.
  2. EdgarEdgar


    Hello, Good day to all. I'm a student in 11th grade and badly need help. Our professor assigned us to research and report about Facebook Fbox and I've never heard of it. Anyone has an idea of what is this and what is this for? Any opinion would be of great help and will be appreciated. Thanks much.
  3. i need many vote of fb please help me give me the video link
  4. Fabio Cuffaro

    Facebook Timeline Photo Dimensions

    Photos today as we know, are extremely powerful to get messages across to a target market. People take photos of everything. I know I do. It's so easy with smartphones nowadays to take pictures and share with others through the various platforms available to us. Pinterest has skyrocketed because of it. Having the right dimensions in a Facebook page is critical to being able to get the message across. From the cover photo to the images that you post. On one account that I work on, when I post an image I always make sure to resize it so that it fits properly. I occasionally highlight photos which allows an image to spread across both columns on the page. So what are the dimensions? Dimensions in pixels Cover Photo - 851 x 315 Profile Photo - 180 x 180 Custom Tab Photo or Logo - 111 x 74 Shared Photo - 403 x 403 Highlighted Photo - 843 x 403 Milestone Photo - 843 x 403 Custom Tab Page - 810 There you have it. Next time you post an image on your Facebook page timeline or a client's, make sure to resize it to maximize the exposure.
  5. Fabio Cuffaro

    Facebook Friendship Page Redesigned

    Facebook released a redesigned feature for friendship pages. You can visit a friend's page, click on the gear icon, choose "see friendship" and you will see a history between you and them with the new format. Click the image below to see what it looks like. (Some profiles haven't been updated yet) It's an interesting way to easily see the history between you and others that you've interacted with. I didn't use it before the redesign, I don't think I'll be using it now. I'm not sure about you, I tend to stick mainly to the news feed. Have you used it before? Will you be using it now after the redesign?