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Found 3 results

  1. Fabio Cuffaro

    Image Extension - AdWords

    Google is beta testing a new extension for AdWords called Image Extension. The image extension will allow you to add images to your text ad. You can see an example below. The extension is only available for English campaigns globally. To get access to this extension you will have to fill out a form as it is currently in beta. You can find the form here. This is a great move for AdWords since images have been really pushing the way we communicate and share information over the last couple of years. The old saying goes: a picture is worth 1000 words. In this case where text ads are limited to a few characters, the addition of images will be able to do wonders for a campaign's CTR. What are extensions? In case you are wondering what an extension is for AdWords. Extensions are additional information that you can add to an ad. For text ads there are a number of extensions that can be used with campaigns and sometimes you can add extensions to specific ad groups. Here is a list of extensions that you can add to your campaigns: Call extensions Location extensions Offer extensions Sitelinks Social annotations Seller ratings Will you be opting in for images extensions? If you have any questions concerning your AdWords campaign or if you're thinking of starting one, feel free to ask a question to one of these threads or create a new one. I'll gladly reply.
  2. Fabio Cuffaro

    Google Shopping Now Global

    Google Shopping on October 17, 2012 went from a free way for businesses to add products to search to commercial in the U.S. Google Shopping is tied in with Google AdWords so if you want to see your products listed, you will have to pay for it. Today Google announced that it has now gone global. Many people have complained about Google going commercial with this feature, but it's normal. Who's not going to complain about having to pay for something when it was previously free. The days of free stuff is slowly dwindling and we have to face the reality that the internet is being run by large corporations and many, many small businesses. With that being said, be happy that you know so that you can adapt now to the changes. What do you think about the approach that Google is taking?
  3. Fabio Cuffaro

    Keyword Targeting

    From my blog on Massive Links. This post explains the different type of keyword match types and briefly on search and display ads. There are four keyword match types and they all have a different effect on when they show up in the search results. AdWords Keyword Targeting