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  1. How much low price you are seeking? It would be a lot simpler to suggest you a good option if you mention your resource requirements, minimum / maximum budget and the server location.
  2. BODHost

    uapeer information

    Never heard their name before, perhaps their services are good. However, as you are seeking for a host that offer shared hosting with SSD so I would like to ask you question. Do you know how to determine whether you are on SSD or HDD? I am asking this question because these days many hosting companies promote that they are offering SSD with Hosting, but sometimes they just host your website on HDD. SSD benefits: of course SSDs are better than HDDs, but to realize its performance you must have critical applications otherwise you will unnecessarily pay more for SSD.
  3. I’ve added our website in the exclusion list by using source link you’ve provided, but I am still seeing a small amount of referral traffic from them in Google Analytics. Though, as compared to the previous months, it’s very low, 26 this month.
  4. Holiday season already begin and many hosting companies offering attractive discounts on their packages so you better check offer section or contact some more hosting providers for the features and price comparison.
  5. BODHost

    Windows Web Hosting with backups?

    It is always advisable not to depend on the web hosting company for the backups. Whoever you choose for the hosting service just make sure you maintain your own backups for the additional security.
  6. BODHost

    Cheap Shared Hosting (with discounts)??

    Have you compared their shared web hosting packages with each other? If no, then do it. It would be helpful for you to figure out which one is better for your hosting requirements. Anyway, if I were at you place I will choose Downtownhost.
  7. BODHost

    Quality host in UK

    First time heard their name. You need to compare their web hosting plans, features, and services level with other reputable UK Web Hosting companies.
  8. BODHost

    US VPS provider

    To OP, You need to compare their hosting packages, features, and prices with other service providers.
  9. BODHost

    transfer all my files to another host

    Have you compared their hosting prices and features with other reputable web hosting companies? I recommend you to make a list of service providers and contact each one through Live Chat or Phone to analyze which one can meet your requirements at affordable cost.
  10. BODHost

    stable EU servers

    As you are seeking for EU Dedicated Servers, so I would recommend you to check eUKhost dedicated server hosting packages, as thier prices are fair and network across the Europe is simply astonishing.
  11. BODHost

    The most reliable European Hosts?

    I know the name of this web host and it is probably good. However, I would recommend you to compare their hosting prices and features with eUKhost …
  12. BODHost

    Asp.net Web hosting is looking for

    To OP Have you compared their services with other web hosting companies? If no, then better do it.
  13. BODHost

    E-commerce plans

    First of all determine which shopping cart software you want to put on … because its all start from there …
  14. I know the name of both web hosts, and probably their services are good, but it is advisable to you to contact them directly through Phone, or Live chat to analyze their response. Also, check what kind of services they are actually offering, and which they don't.
  15. BODHost

    Newpush Management

    In my opinion you should contact them directly to evaluate whether their services actually meets your demand or not. Also, do not forget to compare their services with other web hosting companies.

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