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  1. Hi I need someone to recommend or give me some directions on how to add a video plugin on my site. I use wordpress for my site http//www.TuffLuvXpress.TK and I used this plugin call Tubepress and it did not work properly but I am looking for something similar, but to also allow me to upload my own videos, I used the Youtube API option and they do not have the style I need where you can play your videos in a separate page to allow you to create SEO pageLinks where I can add ads in each individual page. I am in desperate needs of any help maybe a script and it will be greatly appreciated. Click on the Logo to check out the site.
  2. hi I have a website by the name of Http://www.TuffLuvXpress.TK and it's been 10 months now since I have been creating this site, it is not 100 done, because I need help in so many ways, Please critic me and my work and show me how to either improve my work or work speed for maybe in the future or design. I have it running of wordpress. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Just click on the LOGO Sincerely Auxson

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