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  1. Whatever, but it is impossible to beat Google on search engine competition. What all of you think about it?
  2. jamesalan

    High pagerank backlinks service

    Absolutely right, you can get dofollow link by commenting on high PR blog sites.
  3. jamesalan

    High pagerank backlinks service

    Go to digitalpoint forum's buy sell trade section. DP is the no. 1 webmaster marketplace site.
  4. I will recommend you google, the only and only one source to get continuous traffic. Better you waste your time in other promotion startegy I will recommend you to optimize your site for google search engine.
  5. Most of IM professional use keyword on domain name, which help to get rank easily for that particular keyword.
  6. Page rank is a different matter and google does not recognize page rank for ranking. But yes a good PR website obviously a quality and authority website in google's view.
  7. Some other method to get quality backlink are 1. Make guest post on relevant blog 2. Analyze the backlink of competitors and try to get link from the sites where your competitor's get link 3. Join the quality forums within your niche and try to get link from those forum site by signature link
  8. jamesalan

    How to check duplicate contents?

    Everybody will vote for copyscape, because copyscape.com is a realiable site to check duplicate content.
  9. My advice is that start blog with self hosted wordress blog, it will help you learning how wordpress work in blogging. You will also learn how wp theme, plugins work.
  10. Obviously not, traffic exchange have no any relation with seo or ranking. SEO completely work in onpage and offpage strategy.
  11. jamesalan

    How can i check who visiting my site?

    For newbie statcounter.com is best. I have been using statcounter since last 3 years and I am happy with their services. After getting experienced with statcounter you can then start google analytics.
  12. Some of my favorite sites write on SEO topics are searchenginewatch.com, searchenginejournal.com, seomoz.com/blog. They write content on their blog after in depth analysis in a specific topic.
  13. jamesalan

    Best sites for SEO

    For me the best article directory is ezine.com, best social bookmarking site is digg.com and no idea about best press release site.
  14. Yes you can really make very good promotion of your website through blog. Integrate blog with your website and make post continuously by linkback your site's relevant pages. Then do promote each post by doing social bookmarking, pinging etc. It help you increase backlink as well as traffic to your website.
  15. jamesalan

    Top Five Social Bookmarking Sites

    If you want to make good promotion of your site, then I will recommend you to make post on thousand of social bookmarking site.

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