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  1. krystal

    Be More Productive than Ever by Using a Timer

    I use a timer for myself! I agree, when your time is on your hands you can easily laze around. Well to keep everything neat and organize I use toggl. Toggl is free and it says how much time I have work, that way I know when to stop and take a break. Krystal
  2. krystal

    How to Be a Spammer in 20 Simple Steps

    Mass unfollowing in twitter! That quickly gives you a big red warning. LOL. The post is hilarious, a reverse psychology post for marketers. There are qualified spammers all around the web right now and the entry desribes them best. I am glad that multiple duplicate emails automatically lands on my spam box. Krystal
  3. krystal

    3 Tactics to Get Comments on Your New Blog

    To get new comments on a new blog I also use postloop. If you do not want to spend money then you can do a comment exchange. I love how it works to get new comments for my website. But of course no one can still defeat the power of content. Good content almost always generate response. Krystal
  4. Such a big resource for writers indeed. It should be a handy page not just for newbie writers but even for those who are already years in the business. Having a life while writing will be quite a hard task at first as you need to focus in order to make content. Things change when you are already acquianted on what to do but that doesn't mean you won't run out of ideas. its not a big problem though as you can always scour for topics online. Krystal
  5. Ann Smarty is such a really talented invidividual. Now she just shared her precious methods with us! I am so impressed! The ideas laid out is not far from ordinary though. But this is a clear way to come up with new content to share every now and then. You will never have to run out of ideas ever again. I am a fan of repacking content and I do this every week, such a neat way to reuse content and make the most out of it. Krystal
  6. Wow that is a cool page of cheat ideas. I always use the site: method. Besides using the search engine I also use yahoo answers to know what people are up to these days. Facebook is also a great tool to find out what topic is in demand. This is so helpful if you have a personal blog. Krystal
  7. krystal

    19 Effective Offline Advertising Methods for Your Website

    I like to try offline marketing even for once. I read that this is a really effective way to get new customers however its not really needed to try such method if your market is already online. The effort may be worth it if the market is big, a business/establishment/brand for example. Krystal
  8. krystal

    5 Excessive Marketing Tactics to Stop Wasting Your Time On

    Focusing too much on press releases is insane. I agree that content are better placed elsewhere where it belong. Over reporting is being suffered by a lot because they get too much stress from managing their websites. Microsites are highly over rated these days as they are assumed to be easier to rank and manage. Krystal
  9. A few SEO tools I use includes seoquake and opensiteexplorer. There is also all in one seo tool (free) used in wordpress. I also love wordcounttool, basically helps me in counting words in my seo articles. Krystal
  10. krystal

    5 Ways to Promote Your Social Media Efforts Offline

    Never tried offline marketing but I might one of this days. There are times I feel that the online world has becoming crowded as time passes by. It does not hurt to expand our marketing campaigns once in a while. Krystal
  11. krystal

    Which is best paid or free?

    SEO as far as I am concern is meant to be done for free. However if you do not have the time then it becomes paid as you need to hire individuals to do the job for you. Most SEO tactics are basic and can be learnt easily that is why you start will be swift. Krystal
  12. Only use the most popular social bookmarking sites especially if you will do it manually. A few of the best are pinterest, digg and stumbleupon. You can gather up other websites to add to your list, round it up to 10 and do submit your links to this websites daily. If you need more backlinks then simply get a freelance service or just buy a tool made for link submission.
  13. Pay per click involves not just set up but also monitoring the whole campaign. Its hard to get an equivalent money for the cash invested in pay per click services. If you target the wrong people then you lose. It is easy to empty your wallet when you use PPC. I suggest that you try other methods before indulging in PPC as it is a sensitive start up.
  14. krystal

    Fist on Google, poor sales

    Maybe you chose the wrong keywords? Maybe your sales page is not appealing to your visitors? Maybe you are targetting the wrong audience for the product? There are a lot of questions you should answer why the method does not work despite being in the first page. Try tweaking something in your campaign and check again.
  15. krystal

    Guest Blogging

    Myblogguest.com is pretty popular. I have never used the service before but it seems this is an easy way to get a guest post up in no time. However if not then asking will be the best way for you. I see other websites with a 'be a guest blogger' page. You will just need to search for them.