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  1. umbeehosting

    Should Google and Facebook Be Filtering Our Content For Us?

    Absolutely NO! We must have the freedom of choice.
  2. umbeehosting

    How to use Squidoo lens?

    It seems its the same with ezinearticles but with a little twist.
  3. With the percentages of where the traffic coming from, what is the best traffic, from Google or Direct?... I think we must also see the bounce rate of those coming from Google and Direct to totally gauge the kind of traffic we are receiving.
  4. umbeehosting

    Which Web Analytics Is Best for You… and Why

    Google Analytics has it all except of course the SEO part which I use SEO Power Suite for that matter.
  5. umbeehosting

    The anatomy of a WordPress theme

    Very nice. This is very useful. Thanks a lot.
  6. umbeehosting

    Which Browser Do You Use?

    Chrome is my main browser and use Firefox as backup.
  7. umbeehosting

    106 Excuses That Prevent You From Ever Becoming Great

    Only one of those excuses will prevent you from being successful.
  8. Had seen some articles and videos on TV that clothes we wear can be used to power small gadgets attached to the clothes itself. Soon in the future, we will have a micro computer attached to our clothes.
  9. umbeehosting

    Does anybody knows 101sitehosting.com?

    I suggest you do some research on the company's reviews at various websites to help you gauge of their true performance.
  10. umbeehosting

    Paypal gave me $50

    I had receive some money from Paypal last year for their promotion at Facebook.
  11. umbeehosting

    block of IP addresses

    I haven't heard of any other company that offers the same with aseohosting but you may search google.
  12. umbeehosting

    unlimited hosting in Sweden

    There is no such thing as unlimited, better check their plans to learn more about their offer.
  13. umbeehosting

    Any Good VPS reseller hosting deals?

    Never heard of them before. better read some reviews about them before getting any plan.
  14. umbeehosting

    E-commerce solutions

    That quite an impressive plan. But how much does it cost?
  15. umbeehosting

    ddos protected hosting

    Never heard of them.Better search for some reviews about them before buying.

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