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  1. Emdar

    British Romance/comedy movies

    HnagOut is the best comedy movie
  2. Emdar

    which movie get oscar this year ?

    yeah Avatar is really a Oscar winning movie !!
  3. Emdar

    Best Romance Movie "EVER"

    Well my vote goes for Titanic !!
  4. Emdar

    most emotional song..

    Titanic's title song, gosh !!!
  5. Emdar

    Shakira or Beyonce, Who is best ?

    I like shakira the most, she is sexy !1
  6. Emdar

    Avatar VS. Alice in Wonderland

    Alice wonderland is better !1
  7. Emdar

    Favorite Album of All Time?

    Titanic & Notebook !1
  8. Emdar

    Do you use Android Apps?

    No, not yet !! but head much about it !!
  9. Emdar

    Tiger Woods

    One word for him, CHAMP !!
  10. Emdar

    Play online games for relaxation

    I prefer to play NFS, its the best car racing game !1
  11. Emdar

    Entertainment sharpens the mind

    Yeah i totally agree with what you said, its real !!
  12. Emdar

    Happy New Year!

    NEw Year guys, sorry I'm late or its in advance for incoming year
  13. Emdar

    Organize Your Life with 7 Best Websites

    WOW its awesome, thanks for sharing with us !!
  14. Emdar

    Which mobile phone do you use?

    I used Nokia N70 ..
  15. Emdar

    Do you know any proverbs?

    Who knows little talks a lot. English proverb.