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  1. uoftenwinny

    Office 15 Beta Coming Soon

    Hope this version comes out soon. Good news for Office users. Thanks.
  2. uoftenwinny

    Samsung Chronos 7

    Yes, power is still a hot topic of Laptops. A good battery should be winned the best reputation. Thanks a lot.
  3. uoftenwinny

    Get Ready for WiFi 2.0

    This will be a great news for smart phones users and they will be very happy. Thanks for sharing.
  4. uoftenwinny

    Microsoft Reveals the New Windows 8 Logo

    It seems more like a window. May the new Windows8 sign will open a new chapter of Microsoft.
  5. What a good phone.I wanna have one. LOL Sure it will a good news to people who like this phone.
  6. uoftenwinny

    Hello Friends

    Hi Marian. Nice to meet you. Enjoy your time here.
  7. uoftenwinny


    Welcome to this forum. Enjoy your time here.
  8. uoftenwinny


    Hi, santrex_. Glad to know you. Enjoy your time here.
  9. uoftenwinny

    Hi there

    Hi, guy. Welcome to this forum. Enjoy your time.
  10. uoftenwinny

    HI ALL

    Welcome to Massive Links! Glad to know you. Enjoy you time.
  11. uoftenwinny

    Hello to everyone

    Hello. Nice to meet you and welcome to this forum. Hope you will like to stay here!
  12. uoftenwinny


    Hello. Nice to meet you and welcome to this forum.
  13. uoftenwinny

    hai friends

    Welcome there! So glad to know you.
  14. Me too. I never use bing before, not in the future. I trust Google is the best. Agree with AlexJ.
  15. uoftenwinny

    What to avoid when eating out

    I think spicy food is hard to accept, because I don't like those food, but I will eat a little by chance. Junk food is also not good for health. Anyway, thanks for sharing your tips.

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