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    Google Music

    Yes agreed.. Thank you..
  2. MichealWigham

    Google Music

    Chance of what? Google products is always appreciated by others..
  3. MichealWigham

    Big Mug

  4. MichealWigham

    Did Google's Panda Bite You?

    Google panda concentrates on content of the website. if it finds some plagiarism it will penalize severely. that is why even squidoo and hub pages suffered because of the content criterion of Google panda updates. i think that if your content is copied, there should be some mechanism to judge you and do justice. ..which Google panda is dispensing. regards, Micheal
  5. MichealWigham

    Do you use Android Apps?

    Yes.. Which app you are talking about?
  6. MichealWigham

    What Search Engines Seek

    your information is the gist of your knowledge and it is really great one for novice. i am confused about one fact that if your site rank well in google, other search engines will due consideration to it. is it so. regards, micheal
  7. MichealWigham

    How many directories?

    i think there is no limit to submission to directories. what i regard important is that submission should be made to relevant directories, having high page rank for good results. regards, MichealWigham
  8. MichealWigham

    Does PR mean anything?

    Google evaluates a website by giving it a PR. the higher PR means the website is good and earning great traffic like youtube, facebook etc. regards, Micheal Wigham
  9. MichealWigham

    How can i check who visiting my site?

    Google analytic is the best tool for analyzing your visitors details.
  10. MichealWigham

    Webmaster Tools

    I ever appreciate such sort of worth idea.. This will help me a lot.
  11. MichealWigham

    Caching of page

    Please show us your website URL.
  12. MichealWigham

    SEO checklist for new websites

    Well This is good for seo professionals. There are a lot of opportunity for these to get project of search engine optimization.
  13. MichealWigham

    10000+ free directory List

    Hello this is not directory list.. These are all social bookmarking websites. lol you kidding here
  14. MichealWigham

    Social bookmarking or Social networks?

    Well you are talking about getting traffic for your websites. So there are three types of website which havering different resources and categories, 1) Social bookmarking websites as digg, delicious, stumble upon, folk etc. 2) Social networking website are.. my space tumbler etc 3) Social media website are face book, twitter, you tube etc.. All are above can generate traffic for you but i personally recommend twitter, face book and tumbler..