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  1. Hi, In IE GO.. Tools>Internet options>Advanced> in the scroll down box scroll down to the heading security and tick >Allow Active content to run in files on my computer >If you plan to test or save sites on cd/dvd then also tick >Allow active content from CD's to run on my computer. Hope this helps. Jeffrey Renewgraphicdesign.com.au
  2. Jeffrey Koertzen

    Constructing webpage basics?

    Hi, Greetings guys!! Here are Few Elements of Good Graphic Designing 1. Suitable Fonts & typography 2. Effective Color scheme 3. Excited Graphic & Images 4. Basic Web Layout 5. Trickling & Web Navigation 6. Easily to Accessible & Useable What are the others ? Thanks, Jeffrey ____________________ [removed]
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    Greetings from Jeffrey !!!

    Hi friends, Thought I'd join this forum because at times, developing websites gets hard and you run into problems. I love designing with my friends and I hope to learn more and to ascend in progress. I have planned to launch my website, and I have some experience in designing that's why I joined this forum and other forums related to web designing to learn something new and extra-ordinary. Thank you. Jeffrey