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  1. mukluknation

    Money or Health?

    Money buys health in this time of age, so money.
  2. mukluknation

    LinkedIn Kills LinkedIn Answers Service [Report]

    Having been a fan of Yahoo Answers growing up, I quickly adopted LinkedIns professional take on Answers and used/read them dilligently. It's a shame that they are going away
  3. mukluknation

    3 Tactics to Get Comments on Your New Blog

    I have a simple and silly suggestion: ASK FOR THEM! I get tons of comments that are completely relevant by either asking people to comment on by blog itself or via the youtube videos that help promote it. Good Luck!
  4. mukluknation

    What's your Favorite

    Indian series...lol. I wish I could comment to that.
  5. mukluknation

    Funny Faces at the Olympic Games

    Hilarious pics, but I am not surprised that they were caught at all. Considering that the entire event was extremely well covered by the media and that everyone including their Grandma brought a camera with them to London, I would expect to see even more faces.
  6. mukluknation


    Pinterest has got to be the most popular recent internet phenomenon. The number of people that are flocking to it just proves how volatile the online start-up businesses really are.
  7. Honestly, I laughed twice at this thread. Once at the heading, and again at the video. Thanks for sharing!
  8. mukluknation

    Does Page Rank Matter for Search Position?

    I would say that PR is a highly outdated metric and the key to ranking in current seo environment is to build "popularity" via "like" and "+1".
  9. mukluknation

    Is meditation useful?

    I've never tried it, but for someone who is stressed out all the time, i think it would be very useful.
  10. mukluknation

    Facebook drive more organic traffic than Twitter, is it true?

    It all depends on how many friends you have or how many networks you are in. Either one has unlimited potential depending on your account(s) activity.
  11. mukluknation

    What Social Networking Sites Have You Had Sucess On?

    For professional networking, LinkedIn for sure. For marketing, digg and reddit are the most effective in my opinion.
  12. mukluknation

    Bad ass war craft player

    OMG, I thought the guy was for realz until I saw his face and almost fell outta my chair laughing
  13. mukluknation

    To the People who hate me:

    I guess that would be something to say when you are in 2nd grade and you're getting picked on.
  14. mukluknation

    Informational Products

    I agree with one of the posters. Anything with a video tutorial is what would push me towards purchasing a product.
  15. mukluknation

    Which mobile phone do you use?

    I have the original iphone still - not a scratch on it and still fully functional.