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  1. I speak to many clients about PR, a lot of my clients have a PR of zero, yet they have great SERPS. It does make me wonder why everyone is so hung up on PR, it does not matter that much to be honest, as long as you have relevant, Quality SEO done.
  2. Hiya, Are you ares off page SEO for your forum? or just backlinks? they all would drive traffic to your forum.
  3. gaz

    Memory Loss

    I find it annoying that as you get older you forget silly things you have just done, you then wonder around the house puzzling over it. Age i guess :/
  4. gaz

    New here

    Welcome to you, have a good look around and help the community grow.
  5. gaz

    Informational Products

    Although i dont sell ebooks... (yet) I would probably make my own, unless ifoudn a good reseller, or white label ones. Before this i woudl research my niche and check to see whats hot and cold.
  6. The other way is for you to guage how small / big the clients site is, type, image etc then look at the control panel / plesk disk space usage. sometime i create a blog. add a few images etc to give an approximate usage.
  7. is this for website suplicate content, or articles / blog? IF it is for websites, then take a look at your sites content, meta tags, heading tages, alt and title text's if your site is html, then you will need to change alt and title tags for the header and footer on each page.
  8. gaz

    sluwebservices - have you known them?

    I have never heard of this company, i will have to check them out, thanks for the info.
  9. gaz

    New Games Section

    Thats great to here, I play a lot of MMORPG when i get spare time from forums lol. Well done ML
  10. gaz


    Welcome aboard, take a look aroudn the great Massive Links forum, participate in reply's and posts. above all be active
  11. gaz


    Welcome to you both, leonardyuri it may pay to make a seperate thread i nthe welcome section Dont forget to post good content, it all helps the community here on ML
  12. gaz

    Hello from Malaysia

    you are more than welcome
  13. gaz

    Getting The Most Out of Your Guest Blogging Efforts

    You could also try auto-approve blogs, I have found that if you provide good replys that are more than one lines, people respond well to them, this in turn helps drive more traffic to your maony site and maybe gets you some more sales. Do a google search, you may be suprised what turns up, have a play and visit the sites to see if they are in your niche. Hope this helps you
  14. gaz

    Windows hosting.

    Jsut a more, A lot of hosters always charge more for windows hosting, I stick to linux. Are you using it for specific ASP sites?
  15. gaz

    Is PPC a valid system of SEO?

    PPC is only a quick fix, unless you have lots of cash. I recommend to my clients to use organic serps and perhaps suppliment with PPC for a quick boost. Organic and good quality backlinking will always do bette rin the long term though.