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  1. James

    CSS: Staying on one line

    What I do is I create a floating div: .samplediv { float: right; } and put the adsense within that div and place it within the HTML before the logo portion. Try it and see if that works in your layout.
  2. James

    How much traffic are you getting?

    I support having a 'For-members-only' forum for threads like this one. It will make established members talk more freely and is likely to increase a number of forums signups.
  3. James

    the value of domain names

    If you have some domains you consider selling why not ask for their appraisal with a hint that you might be able to sell them if the price offered happened to be right?
  4. James

    Personalized Google page today

    Hey all, For those of you who use google.com/ig as a personalized portal, did you notice that the page has been behaving weird today? First I could not get the personalized layout to appear even after I logged in, so thinking that I lost it, I rebuilt some of the layout and an hour later I see that my old layout is back :confused: Anyone else seeing the same? Best, James
  5. James

    Welcome Adspace forum Members

    Hey guys and gals, Thanks for the warm welcome! I am the guy who founded Ad Space Forums and I am glad it's now become a part of TWT as there is a lot of good talk happening here. It's great meeting you all (and it's great seeing you, WhatIFind and other ASF members here) Re: block party: I am in! Just tell me where and when . Re: beer in the fridge: Excellent. Any Bass by any chance? Anyway, once again, I am excited to join this community and I am looking forward to being a part of it. James
  6. James

    New PR in toolbar!

    hmmm... very strange. perhaps try adding it to your sig in one of the bigger and most popular webmaster forums such as forums.digitalpoint.com or sitepoint.com :confused:
  7. James

    New PR in toolbar!

    hmm, i don't see any changes for any of my site in the toolbar. even adspaceforums.com still shows as PR3 :confused:. but in any case, congrats on dirSpace.com. I really like that site, btw
  8. James

    New Banner Exchange

    i am willing to do the Webmaster banner exchange if the impl. is quick (very busy these days ) feel free to PM me the steps, etc
  9. James

    New Banner Exchange

    hey, sounds interesting. what are the categories involved?
  10. James

    How many sites do you maintain?

    16 sites! Dang, I don't think I'd be able to handle the work that needs to go into this many sites
  11. James

    Where are you from?

    Lucky bastards
  12. James

    Google Said to Plan Rival to PayPal

    i think they realize that anyone can come out from nowhere and create a search engine that is better than theirs. so they want to diversify in other areas that are profitable and where they have some sort of expertise
  13. James

    DP Co-op Network vs LinkVault

    does Link Vault support sites running jsp? thanks, james
  14. James

    Google Said to Plan Rival to PayPal

    Great. I'd much rather use Google for my online payments