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    Buying a server in Europe

    Have you tried hostwebis.com? they are really good.
  2. I have a gaming site with tons of online games. I have bought a gaming script where i can upload and fetch games in just 3 clicks but google says it is copied content and it is. Several sites utilize the same script. How could i be accepted then?
  3. I have recently saw a post for a basic dedicated server with IP/24 for 295€ per month with no setup fee from a service provider named hostwebis. The offer is not listed on the dedicated servers page but it is on the order page. It that a good business for using with SEO and Reseller Hosting?
  4. treliator


    I have started surfing the Internet in 1998 and created a gaming site that i sold a few years later for $2k and never stopped learning how to improve my skills since then. I hope to learn a bit more using this forum :)