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  1. Legaplay

    Wordpress templates

    Where I can find good templates for WP? I need to choose good one for my new website. It will be about cars. Thanks!
  2. Legaplay

    Any gun enthusiasts here?

    I have Varminter K1-V-BBZ and NOSLER M48 TGR 2010
  3. Legaplay

    Best vacation

    My favorite vacation was on Seychelles resorts. We were in the hotel Savoy 5* with my family. The room was quite spacious. The bed is one of the best we ever slept in. Very comfy. The whole hotel area is just beautiful. The pool is known to be the biggest in Seychelles. It is great! There is plenty of food to choose from and always a variety of meat and fish. Beau Vallon Beach(it is the longest beaches in Seychelles) is right outside of the hotel, here you can read about it https://savoy.sc/beau-vallon-beach/. Spa is the best in the world. I liked all! Highly recommend!
  4. Legaplay

    murphy bed question

    Is murphy bed good choice for home? Do you have such bed, for example for guests?
  5. Legaplay

    Commercial auto insurance

    I need to buy several commercial insurances for different cars. Where I can find good prices?
  6. Legaplay

    Monitor wall mount for office

    I recommend to choose ergonomic devices. Such variant will make your work place more comfortable. I chosen suitable mount from Primecables and then did everything according to the instructions. Nothing difficult. Here is a video for you
  7. Legaplay

    Bitcoin technology news

    It is interesting. I also read different blogs about Bitcoins. But I prefer trading.
  8. How to improve software development process? What ways do you know?
  9. Legaplay

    Tiny house ideas

    Can you share some ideas how to build a tiny house?
  10. Legaplay

    Push notifications

    Push notifications are best way to interact with your users but can lead to poor results when the app is deleted if it is used incorrectly. Of course we use them. If you don't know how to start I recommend to read this blog https://steelkiwi.com/blog/push-notifications-services-how-to-choose/ it will help you to choose and run such service.