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    Any gun enthusiasts here?

    I own and AR-15 rifle and it is a very nice thing I guess. I like shooting at the range which is fun and relaxing activity indeed. I also like to customize and upgrade it. Recently, I have bought a new night vision sight for my rifle from https://www.atncorp.com/smart-hd-optics, wanna try it out soon!
  2. I need to buy several spare parts for emission repairs. Where do you order auto parts?
  3. Moonlightt

    Best vacation

    My favorite vacation was a Trans-Atlantic cruise that left from Copenhagen and ended up in Boston. Along the way it made a couple of stops in Norway, the Faroe islands, Iceland, Nova Scotia and then to Boston.
  4. Moonlightt

    Monitor wall mount for office

    Hi! I want to buy comfortable wall mount for my second monitor. Can you recommend something good?
  5. Moonlightt

    How to improve development process?

    I think you need to get consultation from professionals. There are many companies which work in this industry. I know that there is special DevOps training which will help you succeed with your product. You will know new technologies and be able to improve quality and speed of development. Here you can find more info about this.
  6. Moonlightt

    Bitcoin technology news

    Good thread! For me mining is good way to earn money. I always read news and articles about new technologies. Recently I have read about new interesting project. It will be special mining platform with powerful AI. You will be able to use it at home without some special knowledge. Very promising, here you can read more details https://mineunit.com/
  7. Moonlightt

    Tiny house ideas

    I have lived in a tiny house for 6 months, and it was great experience. It is easy to clean and you will save a lot of money on utility costs. But be prepared, there are not enough space, so you need to use it correctly. But this is also not a big problem. You can make your own design and use your space like you need. Many different models you can find in google, but I recommend to check this website of BuildTinyHouse company, they have cool models with good prices. For example Modern Caravan Deluxe Single Loft looks great, as for me.
  8. Moonlightt

    The best pillow

    Can you recommend what good pillow to buy? What are memory foam pillows good for?
  9. Moonlightt

    Push notifications

    Do you use such tool in your mobile apps? What service is good?
  10. Moonlightt

    Review for my site

    Looks nice as for me.