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  1. Oliviabest

    Please let me know what you think of my new Blog site

    It's not that bad. I like its simplicity, yet I have a feeling it lacks something, maybe some widgets, vivid graphics that would grab attention, something like that. Also I think you need to make posts preview with the "read more" button, as your post are quite long and one needs to scroll down to see the entire list of posts available on a page. Also I would recommend to integrate the "back/scroll to top" button for better user experience.
  2. Oliviabest

    Reviews my website

    I think, this website is very useful. Especially for beginners. I checked 2 my websites here. Results was very good. Thank you.
  3. Oliviabest

    Tips on How To Improve Your Website – Checklist

    Is it all about redesigning?
  4. Oliviabest

    Please critique my site

    ohhh, I see your point, may be you're right and I should make these buttons hyperlinks, but if one presses the image he can easily find all the details, such as description, required software, price and customization issues. Any way I'll take this into account.
  5. Oliviabest

    Please critique my site

    Well it's strange, I checked some old templates' previews as well as buy buttons, and they worked properly. Anyway would you be so kind DjKrypto to specify exact pages or names of the themes which display incorrectly. I'll be very grateful for that and try to solve this problem. Thanks in advance
  6. Oliviabest

    Please critique my site

    still nothing :( pity so I guess it's good enough right now.
  7. Oliviabest

    Please critique my site

    Folks? Will you advise anything else I should drive away at more?
  8. Oliviabest

    Please critique my site

    Guys what are the moments I have to work on?
  9. Oliviabest

    Please critique my site

    thank you for a feedback do you mean templates' previews or templates' live demos? thanks for an efficient hint, will check this matter, as some are old ones.
  10. Oliviabest

    Please critique my site

    Fixed the problem, now the coding is valid.
  11. Oliviabest

    Please critique my site

    ok, I see that now. It seems when I was altering the site, I missed some things. Thank you for this coding hint, will correct that.
  12. Oliviabest

    Please critique my site

    Friends? Any ideas?
  13. Oliviabest

    Please critique my site

    Hi, guys. I have web design oriented site and I'm going to make some serious changes in its general look, as well as its navigation. So I kindly ask you to review my website and give me some sensible suggestions regarding the needed modifications. What exactly should be altered? Will wait for your honest feedback. Thank you in advance All the best
  14. Oliviabest


    overall, it's pretty good, but I personally will recommend to think about background changing, as it looks mixed up and not so catchy. Also while scrolling the featured articles an error had occurred. The images haven't displayed. The loading time is good, as well as website filling. So, hope these two cents will help you to make qualitative improvements.
  15. Hi, mates Just would like you to share with the most irritating and stressing things that could be put into a webdesign or website in general. So, what are your "preferances"? Regards

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