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  1. ultimatehandyma

    redirecting pages

    That sounds like a good option as I need it sorting soon. Can you recommend someone?
  2. ultimatehandyma

    redirecting pages

    Thanks for the reply. I already know how to redirect pages, but I can't work out how to redirect pages that have been created with mod rewrite to pages that are static
  3. ultimatehandyma

    redirecting pages

    I'm trying to work out how to 301 redirect from one url on my site to a new url on my site. Normally this is easy and I have done it using .htaccess This time it is more difficult as the url's that I want to redirect are generated by the script that the site uses and is done by apache. Normally the url would end in .htm or something but these url's do not Here is what I mean- One of my sites uses a script which I have had a few problems with and so I am getting rid of the script, instead of having the videos on my own server I am embedding them from youtube. This is one of the current url's- >http://www.ultimatehandyman.org/videos/175/compression-fittings-on-copper-pipe which I need to redirect to- >http://www.ultimatehandyman.org/video/plumbing/compression-fittings.php Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. ultimatehandyma

    Does anyone have a day job they hate?

    I hate my job at the moment. I have worked for the same firm for the last 19 years and about 18 months ago an opportunity arose to become an adult apprentice, leraning electrical and mechanical maintenance. It was ok for a few months, then my company used the recession as an excuse to get rid of some contractors and I ended up doing a contractors job. I have now been moved to another plant and I can quite safely say that I hate my job
  5. ultimatehandyma

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas Fabio and Merry Christmas to all members. I'm at the girlfriends looking after her 5 rabbits, she has gone to see her mum in Weymouth, which is a 5 hour drive minimum! She drove there yesterday. I'm off to my sisters to see my family today and tomorrow! It makes a change to have snow all over the place at Christmas- it's been great for kids as they can make snowmen
  6. ultimatehandyma

    Hacking popular scripts

    I installed an arcade script on my site a few years back at the request of some forum members. After a few months someone hacked into it and posted some links to other arcade sites, so I googled the script and found that a few sites had also been hacked. I contacted the guy who wrote the script, who is very helpful and provided a modified file to prevent it happening again. Then about 2 weeks ago I noticed that the site had been hacked again Some little hacker had posted links again to some other arcade websites. There is no way the password could of been guessed as it was about 30 characters long and hashed. I removed the links and then CHMOD the admin folder so that nobody can log into the admin panel unless it is CHMOD first. It's very annoying when this happens, I'm just glad that they did not do a lot more damage. The arcade is very popular and gets a fair amount of hits each day! Has anyone else ever had a site hacked?
  7. ultimatehandyma

    Swine Flu Vaccine?

    The Swine flu pandemic has been blown up out of all proportion over here in the UK, partly because it coincided nicely with the row over our corrupt politicians claiming hundreds of thousands of pounds in expenses. The Swine flue acted as a good smoke screen for some considerable time. I'd never have a vaccine for flu, but if it could effect your life ( such as people with heart problems ) then it may be worth having it. This year we were offered a Flu vaccine at work, but I refused it.
  8. ultimatehandyma

    Youtube HD

    Thanks Nick, I asked a few people in my forum to take a look and the first 5 or 6 could not view the videos in HD, nor could I as the videos kept stalling. But then about 4 people said that they could view them perfectly. I'll continue to upload them in high definition now that I know that I am not wasting my time! Thanks for your help
  9. ultimatehandyma

    Simple PHP Include?

    You are welcome. That is the only line of php code that I know how to use correctly. It has worked well so far on the site that I am changing. PHP is just too complicated for me to learn as I just don't have the time!
  10. ultimatehandyma

    Simple PHP Include?

    Hi Nick, Firstly I am no php expert by any means, but I have just been redoing a site of mine and I have used php include quite a bit. Your page has to end in .php as I don't think it works if the page ends in .html etc I actually used a dreamweaver template and then I saved the page as .php and then I started to select sections of the code (html) and then I saved that as a seperate file and then used php include to insert it back into the page again. So for example if you select the code for the page header and then saves this as a separate document and call it header.inc.php and then where you removed the code from you replace it with- ><?php include "header.inc.php" ?> This then inserts the header back in the page, but as you point out when you change the header.inc.php file it will change on all pages where you have used the php include. I split my first page up into loads of different .inc.php files, such as header, topbar, leftside, rightside etc. then I just made an include file for each one and then used php include to put them back in. I then used this page as a template to make all the other pages on my site by renaming it each time.
  11. ultimatehandyma

    Get Huge Free Traffic From Youtube

    That vidmetrics looks good, but they aren't taking on any more clients at this moment in time. I'll check back there in a few weeks if I remember!
  12. ultimatehandyma

    Any of you going to the gym?

    I have weight trained most of my life, for over 25 years in fact. But I have been so busy over the last 12 months that I have not had time to go. I know that I must get back there ASAP or else I'll be on a slippery road to diabetes and an heart attack. Going to the gym should be compulsory
  13. ultimatehandyma

    Ultimate handyman

    Hi Jasper, Thanks for the concern I'm in Lancashire not Cumbria, although it is only 15 mins up the motorway. We have not had any flooding around here because it is really hilly, Much of Cumbria is flat and is too close to the lake district. I have just been stranded at the girlfriends for a few days because of the snow- my van is rear wheel drive! I don't get on here enough as I am just too busy. I finished work on the 9th December as I used up my personal days at the end of the year. My intention was to get loads of videos made for youtube, but the first week I had a bad cold and was coughing and spluttering and then the next week it snowed and prevented me from moving about as I intended- ARGHHH I often don't even get time to check my own forum and sometimes I don't visit that for days! I must make more of an effort to get back on here more often. It should jog my memory when yourweb pops into my forum The new look of the forum is cool
  14. ultimatehandyma

    What hosts are good for FFmpeg hosting services?

    I have two servers with these guys- www.infrenion.com They are good for FFmpeg. I have had two dedicated servers with them for a few years now and they have been very good for my sites.
  15. ultimatehandyma

    Moving to Invision Power Board

    I must admit that I like the look of this board again. Was it difficult to change over?