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  1. robert4u

    facebook likes

    You can get facebook likes through advertisement or hire some expert who can get you these likes.
  2. robert4u

    Is email marketing still effective?

    I personally think its dead there are too much spams received per day and people hardly read spam emails.
  3. robert4u

    Cheap VPS in UK

    I will go for eukhost
  4. robert4u

    recommend cool service

    I will not prefer to buy from reseller rather I will get it from digitalocean directly, there are debit cards available which I can get through bitcoin and pay to digital ocean.
  5. robert4u

    Best SEO tool

    For checking backlinks ahref is good tool.
  6. You can focus on social media, its very good option to get clients.
  7. The important part is not to be in first place the important thing is to maintain the position and increase the clients so yes I will do SEM.
  8. robert4u

    Title Tag

    Yes thats right search engines like google change the title according to their requirement.
  9. robert4u

    Cloud hosting from Everest.net?

    Well looking at their website, I will not trust host whose template is still under design, look at reviews it says review by XYZ.
  10. robert4u

    Directory Submission

    Well directories are no more useful, look at DMOZ they have closed it, they know directories are dying. Google also has become smart and it does not matter you submit to directories, google will rank on other things.