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  1. sindhu

    Google SERP

    What are the simple steps to bring my page from 10th position to 1st position on Google first page?
  2. Hello all, I have tried all organic SEO methods to increase traffic and SERP for my website, its been 3 months and there is no improvement for the main keywords like "website templates". Kindly give me some ideas to pick up in Google ranking.
  3. sindhu

    facebook likes

    How to get more organic likes on Facebook?
  4. sindhu

    Title Tag

    Hi all, My Website is in WordPress Platform, I am using Yoast SEO plugin for SEO process. I have written title tag as Website Templates | Webdesign Templates | kore templates It appears fine on my site but when I search in Google, It displays as Kore templates : Website Templates | Webdesign Templates I have no idea why it appears like this. Please help me
  5. sindhu


    Hello everyone, Hope you all doing great, What is ORM and how it is used in SEO?
  6. Hi all, how to get more visitors to the website without spamming? I need to have more visitors my website, it's a website templates selling site. Can anyone give me ideas how to get leads to my site? Thank you
  7. sindhu


    Hi, I have this new website and I am doing SEO, 2 weeks before I checked backlinks in SEM rush it said none. But now it shows some backlinks to my website. This is good progress, right? But the thing is there is a column called link type and mostly it shows no follow or no follow deleted.So, basically, my backlinks are useless? How can i get proper backlinks?
  8. Hello, Is directory submission still useful to get backlinks? I know its a slow process. But is it really worth it or am I wasting my time? Please suggest Thanks in advance
  9. What is document sharing?
  10. sindhu

    Link Building

    Hi, Please anyone tell me, how link building and link baiting works?