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  1. outstanding

    VPS account to buy

    You mentored libertyvps.net - they are pretty good but they are so called offshore provider so you need to be sure you need them . As for general providers I can recommend qhoster.com - they have lots of payment options and they will be able to offer you the best services.
  2. outstanding

    Quality Wordpress hosting

    I believe most of Cpanel based hosting providers will be able to provide that for you. I mean if you contact hostingsource, hostgator, kvchosting, godaddy - you will get what you have been looking for.
  3. outstanding

    web2.club anyone?

    I am going to host a big forum and several simple landing pages, so I need to find stable account with high guaranteed stability. What are your views on web2.club hosting solutions? Uptime, features, promo coupons? Is it the hosting provider I can rely on?
  4. outstanding

    need reliable reseller

    I see Hostwinds is suitable option. I was so impressed with their service I ended up moving all my sites to them. Currently extremely happy - they have already saved me hours of hassle, and they supply some very useful scripts
  5. outstanding

    recommend cool service

    Greetings respectful forum members! Recently I needed to get Digitalocean service, but to pay with bitcoins, however they do not accept that. I have made research and found bithost.io service provider that gives exactly what I needed - they resell Digitalocean accepting crypto-currencies as payment option and have hourly billing! Hope It can help.
  6. outstanding

    fastest vps search

    Good day folks! Need host offering fastest linux vps hosting deals. After some research I've found hellomails.com hosting provider. I like their pricing and features, but what about their stability and customer care?
  7. outstanding

    Cloud hosting from Everest.net?

    According to my research Everest.net provider has been rock solid from the beginning and offering reasonable pricing with highest stability and performance, you won't regret of using them.
  8. outstanding

    saturn.domains service

    As I see saturn.domains would be perfect place to get hosting solutions. Their plans are full-featured and servers are supported well around the clock and stability is outstanding.
  9. Looking for dedicated hosting service in Brazil that offer affordable hosting packages. What can you tell me about Maxihost.com.br and their dedicated server services? Is their support professional? Do they accept Bitcoin?
  10. outstanding

    Fast UK Server

    I believe you need to look for customer reviews on them to know more about services. According to my knowledge pmgchosting.com is providing fast servers built with powerful hardware and high customer care level, you will definitely be satisfied with them.
  11. outstanding

    Portugal Servers

    I believe you should look for reviews on them to know more about services. As I see webis.pt is delivering trustworthy service and skilled tech support, why not to give them a chance?
  12. outstanding

    Hostzealot deals

    As I know hostzealot.com servers are properly managed, provisioned, secured and delivered within 24 hours or less of purchase that is perfect place for your needs. Support is second to none.
  13. outstanding

    VPSGet Deals

    Well, if needed really quality vps - vpsget.com would perfectly satisfy your demands. They have professional staff who know how to maintain servers and treat customers.
  14. outstanding

    VPS with SSD

    Now I am sure that kvchosting.com is delivering trustworthy hosting services. They have responsive polite team and cheap featured plans provided with good stability. Thanks for assistance with my choice.
  15. outstanding

    VPS with SSD

    Hey Guys, does anyone has any idea about vps host providing good conditions? I don't know much about IT, so I want to have a host that has a very good support. Any info on Kvchosting.com SSD vps hosting? Thank you guys anyway for help.