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  1. Michael Pehl

    I´m looking for an encryption software

    TrueCrypt is a good and free encryption software... http://www.truecrypt.org/
  2. Michael Pehl

    Google brings us mod-pagespeed

    Until now the module is not stable to use it on one of our servers. As soon as the module is stable I will do some tests.
  3. Michael Pehl


    Welcome aboard
  4. Michael Pehl

    Google brings us mod-pagespeed

    Hey there. Today I installed a new module for the Apache server. The module is called mod-pagespeed and guess who is offering it to us for free: the big G ... Google itself. I did not test it much for now, but be sure I will. Here you can read more about it (it is still beta). http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com/2010/11/make-your-websites-run-faster.html I will do some tests soon and if wanted I can share some statistics Just let me know.
  5. Michael Pehl

    Question to web design when using Blogspot.

    To be honest... If you want total control and customization... go for WordPress
  6. Michael Pehl

    HTML 5 - New Web Standards

    As a Front-End Developer I would like to see HTML5 and CSS3 as standard soon.But dev's are the last link in the chain. As long as IE is not supporting HTML5/CSS3 (with the help of JS or without) there is no use of HTML5/CSS3 for a broader audience. I know exaclty that this won't happen over night... the dev community is really the last link in the chain. The visitors are the ones that will decide when HTML5/CSS3 are for the masses.
  7. Michael Pehl

    HTML 5 - New Web Standards

    This will take another year or two... HTML5 and CSS3 is still not for the masses yet.
  8. Michael Pehl

    Where Do You Research For Writing?

    It depends on the topic. Since my posts are all related to Front-End performance and optimizing websites loading speed there is not much you can research because in this case you must have experience...
  9. Michael Pehl

    Who Are You?

    Personal Screen Name/Aliases: Michael Pehl or csm Site(s): http://www.cookielessdomain.com , http://www.xhtml-valid-websites.com , http://www.stop-supporting-ie6.com , http://1click.at , http://www.computer-service-mallorca.com , http://www.voiceoveripnews.com Gender: male First Name: Michael Birth Place: Germany Age: 39 Country of Residence: Palma de Mallorca / Spain Eye Colour: grey/green Hair Colour: dark brown (hairs? where?) Lefty/Righty: righty Favourites Color: orange Sport: none at the moment Non-Alcoholic Drink: coffee Alcoholic Drink: whiskey (once a year) Holiday Destination: none at the moment Crisp Flavour: none Soap Opera: i have no tv at home Movie: dunno atm, i like some scenes from the latest rambo General Interests & Aspirations (Talk here for 2 or 3 sentances about what you enjoy, and where you hope to get to) i like to watch spongebob squarepants movies i like to play half-life 2 and kill'em all (again and again)
  10. Michael Pehl

    Wordpress Asking For FTP Username and Password

    Because your WP login is different then your FTP login. WP = website. FTP = server
  11. Michael Pehl

    What HTML Editor Do You Use?

    Notepad++ for (X)HTML and CSS DreamWeaver and all other WYSIWYG programs add too much useless code. Think of all those "onmouseover" js crap that can be easily done with CSS. Or image swap... And then tables ... OMG CSS is for design/layout, tables are for tabular data and NOT for layouting your site. Period.
  12. Michael Pehl

    Google Chrome Already Utilizing HTML 5

    HTML5 is for sure of no use for the masses these days. It is still a working draft and not standard. Experiments with HTML5 are nice to see but still useless. When HTML5 will be standard then we definitely need some javascripts to get older browsers to understand HTML5... at least a bit of HTML5. Same with CSS3... the hunt for fixes will never end. First IE, then HTML5/CSS3...
  13. Michael Pehl


    Hello everyone. First of all, thanks for following me @ twitter That's why I am here now... to give some of my knowledge back to this community. More informations about me on my Profile page Talk to you later, Michael
  14. Michael Pehl

    Do You Validate Your HTML Coding?

    Hey there. Yes, I always validate the code I write. Valid (X)HTML is a must, at least for me. I am always using the W3C Validator online.