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  1. Dy.namik

    Hello to all!

    Thanks Fabio. I plan on staying here for a while. It looks like a great community.
  2. Dy.namik

    The Official Which Host Do You Use Thread?

    My forum is currently hosted with Hawk Host. They are awesome and have not dissappointed me yet!
  3. Dy.namik

    Hello to all!

    Why thanks for the warm welcome. We launched on the 5th of this month,
  4. Hey guys, I was wondering if the community could give me some feedback on my forum: http://www.adminjuice.com I would like to know your views on our appearence, layout, content, and domain. Yes, the domain, do you think it's a wel. suited name for a webmaster forum? Do you like it? If it could be changed to something els what could it be changed to? Cheers, Jay
  5. Dy.namik

    Hello to all!

    Hey guys, I'm Dy.namik, also known as Jay. I am a 15 year old webmaster and I too have a webmaster forum. I hope to have a great time here in this wonderful looking community.