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  1. What are your favorite movies that you can watch more times? For me, I like "billu barber”, and I watched it more than 10 times I guess.
  2. which you best favorite Romance Movie ever,.. I don't care about the Year,.. just tell me your favorite,... but let start with me: * If Only [2004] * Sweet November [2001] * The Notebook [2004] * Titanic [1997] * Walk To Remember [????] * While You Were Sleeping [1995] * Once [2006] Which is best? please share opinion.
  3. These both are 3D movie so please help me to shoot out selection.I prefer Avatar is best but I have big confusion that which is best?
  4. swetlana

    Fan of Tom Hanks

    hi friends i am fan of tom hanks and i have watched lots of movies of him.i am writing my best one plz tell yours
  5. 'm super star rajinikanth fan and i'm very eager to see enthiran film ,can anybody say when it will release, if u want to know abt tamil film just click this Tamil Movie News & Photo gallery at ozeeya.com.
  6. if there anyone here still havent watching the kungfu panda yet here is the full movie i already save Kungfu Panda
  7. Hi I live in the UK and I am off to watch how to train your dragon in 3D this sunday, has anyone seen it in 3D is it any good?
  8. i saw something a few days ago about it think its a few months away.Will they make Avatar The Last Airbender Season 4? anybody know?
  9. swetlana

    Jay Z and Beyonce

    Do you think they are the King and Queen of the music industry? Beyonce is gorgeous, independent and talented...Jay Z is a pimp, produces quality music, and is a good looking man. What music marriage could be better?
  10. He Is The American 16 year old singer. Be honest and do not criticize. Most Recently know for his "Baby" song. To me he is a 16 year old who has not hit puberty.
  11. swetlana

    Iron Man 2

    go there late so i had to sit in the front, really messed with my eyes.SJ was a Bad A! in this movie though, her moves were banging.did anyone see it yet?
  12. they are already planning it guys.. if its going to happen its a good point now guessing who will play who.. Link
  13. Who is your Favorite Hollywood Actress. My vote is go for the Megan Fox.
  14. swetlana

    most emotional song..

    what is the most emotional song you ever heard ? mine is, eminem's moking bird.which is best for me.what about Yours?
  15. which movie get oscar this year ? My votes is go for the Avatar.what about yours?