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  1. Can blogs on free hosting be profitable? Say you use blogger, wordpress or hubpages for your own blog. Can these be profitable or are these best at stepping stones to a unique domain website
  2. Since when are us authorities stepping in to shut down a blogging site? It is unclear what were on those blogs, so it's hard to say. I only know of a couple things that are illegal on the net in the US, one of them is internet gambling.
  3. AndrewLithe

    How to Get Paid to Blog - Paid Blogging Networks

    This involves frustration and patience to reach a successful paid blog. It's best if you enjoy the subject you're writing about and like to master the subject. There is so much info out there about how to truly be successful at paid blogging it can be overwhelming yeah?
  4. AndrewLithe

    Do You Review Your Old Posts?

    I do review my old blog posts every so often to make sure the image links still work. Before posting a blog post I always quickly read through it and double check for any typos or sentence structure errors in the blog post. I kind of have a pet peeve for typos and sentence structure errors so I try to make sure my readers are happy too.
  5. AndrewLithe

    Are your blogs hosted?

    I have 2 basic free blogs through blogspot/blogger. Use these to link to my main website and it does help! A few hundred hits a month through the redirect, not bad. If your main site is a blog you have higher potential to be profitable through a hosting plan.
  6. AndrewLithe

    Adobe After Effects

    Check out Youtube video tutorials for after effects so you can follow them along with some audio commentary. After Effects is a video production tool that can add some unique effects to make your video more entertaining. Like all of Adobe's products there is a 30 day free trial of After Effects to play around with.
  7. AndrewLithe

    Twitter tips?

    I am completely new to Twitter, I only understand the basics such as 160 words per 'tweet' and you can have followers for your tweets too. With my new Starcraft 2 gaming website I want a way to get about 100 views per day through twitter. What would I need to do in order to achieve that?
  8. AndrewLithe

    Starting from scratch?

    Starting over isn't always a bad thing. From what I understand Joomla is a content community site yeah? What kind of content did you have on your website? If I started from scratch I would get up to 20 pages of quality content in articles / video whatever content you choose before using SEO methods.
  9. AndrewLithe

    Building a Community

    First you will need to find similar minded individuals, this can be through a business forum, blog community or social networking page. You can interact actively with the social group or simply join the group with your website backlink.
  10. AndrewLithe

    How do I get traffic to come back consistently?

    Thanks for the tips, yes I do have a Forex Forum website and the content may not be exactly what the traffic's looking for. Forums may take a while to develop in general though, community building for these can take some persistence. Our website is in a fairly competitive field (Forex / Investing), I'm just not sure how to have a unique advantage over our competitor's sites yet.
  11. Adbrite is known for having lower than average ad payouts, but forums tend to have high CPM making adbrite an okay choice for forums. Affiliate Marketing may be the most profitable method of advertising, research which product promotions would fit best for your forum website first.
  12. Hi MassiveLinks, here are some methods on how to optimize for the Bing search engine. Bing has some unique search algorithms compared to Google, and in some ways more advanced. Take a look at some tips to keep in mind to optimize for Bing: Inbound anchor text matters more. Backlinks are of less importance. Onpage factors matter more than with Google. Link spamming won't do much for you on Bing. Fresh content matters less. Bing is more Flash-friendly. PR matters less. Check out more detailed information on Methods to Optimize for Bing here: http://www.webconfs.com/bing-optimization-article-25.php Interesting that backlinks are less important, but Google has recently taken steps to prevent backlink spam from ranking well.
  13. AndrewLithe

    Google Wonder Wheel

    Looks like Google Wonder Wheel is not an official project of Google, but it may simplify the usage of keywords and availability in the search engine. Definitely worth looking into.
  14. Traffic and good SEO, high quality content is usually linked together. Whether it is used to determine search engine rankings I'm not sure but driving traffic through do follow links WILL boost your search engine rankings, so in many ways it will bring up your rankings.
  15. AndrewLithe

    How Extensive Do You Do Your Keyword Research

    For me I don't consider the keyword as much as I do in knowing and enjoying writing about the subject. I like to go with a gut feeling in article writing because I write best in subjects I actually enjoy writing about. Some cool tools for optimizing your articles are Google Caffeine, Social Networks, and quality backlinks from related niche blogs and forums.