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  1. Zelda

    How to retain visitors?

    I am not into affiliate marketing and I don't understand what do you mean by that, could you please explain me? What reasons might have visitors not to want to come back once they learn which is the parent site?
  2. Zelda

    Bloggers: Do You Give Your Readers What They Want?

    It is a good idea to ask readers what they want to read, but in this case one should pe prepared to write more than one article, in fact I consider that every reader who expresses his/her opinion should be satisfied. For instant if there are 10 readers who give ten different answers, the blog owner should write ten articles.
  3. I proof read an article myself usually especially those writen in my own language. When I write in English depends of the importance and lenght of the articles, I have asked few times the help of some Romanians friends who live in USA to proof read my work. They were nice and always responded to my requests.
  4. Zelda


    That is right, coolman, the trend today is to get divorced pretty quickly, even when the partners disagree over minor things the tendency is to get separated instead of asking for help to resolve the conflicts. However, many divorces are not approved by the church, especially when none of the partners was unfaithful to the other.
  5. Zelda

    Ask and answer

    wow, a tough question...in the bible is writen a passage reffering to this very question: "Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, "Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother when he sins against me? Up to seven times?" 22Jesus answered, "I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times "(Mattew 18:22) and this is what a Christian should do. I try to live by that advice, too. Who is the most important person in your life right now?
  6. Zelda

    Ask and answer

    I think every person has a different perception of life, some people take it more seriously, others think it is a game. If we are to consider themselves "actors" on the stage of life, then we must have in mine a "scenarist", too. What would do you if a friend would ask you to lie to protect him/her?
  7. Zelda

    When should a topic be closed?

    I have seen on some forums that posters sometimes ask moderators to close a thread they opened because other forum posters don't agree with the thread starter or because of some other reasons. Is this a good decision to act on the request of the poster? Does the thread starter have the right to decide when the thread should be closed?
  8. Zelda

    How to retain visitors?

    Reffering works because people are generally sensitive to suggestion and respond well to the influence of their peers. That could be seen especially in the behavior of teenagers, if one suggests that a particular thing is good, the other will follow him and buy that stuff, too. The same happens in virtual reality, if one likes a blog/ website and recommend it to his/her circle of friends, the probabiblity they will like the site is very high.
  9. Zelda

    Setting Goals To Become Successful

    Yes, you're right WiseWbemaster, setting specific measurable goals helps you to become confident in its achievement in the proper time. If at some stage of your measurable goal you fail to meet it, you may have the possibility to analyse the reason for failure and take appropriate steps to adjust it and to improve your skills.
  10. I am a "night" person,too and usually I go to bed very late, one to three hours after midnight. I am a coffee drinker (I drink 3-4 coffees/day) and my last coffee in a day is at about 7-8 p.m ....this explains my insomnia. However,in most of the cases I must wake up pretty early in the morning, at 7 o'clock but when that happens I take a nap in the afternoon.
  11. Zelda

    Are your blogs hosted?

    Agree with you, however if the content is so good that will attract many visitors, that means you should continue to write more and more every day to add fresh content. By doing this, in time you will hit the limit of space allowed by free web space hosting sites and then you will be forced to buy a hosting package.
  12. Zelda

    Do You Review Your Old Posts?

    I did not update so far any of my articles, maybe I should, there is always room to improve an old article and come with fresh information almost in any niche. Perhaps the updates will help the new visitors who read the old articles for the first time, but I wonder how my old visitors ( those that already read the articles when I first posted them and would not come back and read them again)will find out about the updates?
  13. Zelda


    The common definition of divorce is the end of a marital union and implies that all legal duties and responsibilities of the parteners to one another are cancelled. I have noticed on this forum we come from different backgrounds, countries, religions and cultures and will be interesting to hear different opinions about this controversial subject. So...under what circumstances is divorce permitted in your culture/ religion?
  14. Zelda

    rewrites or unique

    That is very interesting, you made me curious, never heard about Swami Vivekananda, never read anything written by him. I suppose his work is translated at least in English, maybe even in some other languages, isn't it? Can you give me few titles of some of his books, please? Would that be possibile for me to find them on the net? I am very interested in this subject, too.
  15. Zelda

    Setting Goals To Become Successful

    It is a very good idea to have a goal and to make any effort to reach it. But it is also important to pay attention when you choose your goal, this should be neither too high -you may lose hope on the way to achieve it- not too low- it will be easy to achieve and you will not make use of all your abilities.