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  1. John23

    Benefits of using video on your blog

    Using video on blog is very effective to get traffic and visitors to your blog. Sharing video on blog attract a large audience, achieve top rankings in the search engines, become known as an expert in your field. These are the main benefits of video sharing.
  2. John23

    E-commerce solutions

    I think you should look for a comparison site. Which will provide you reviews of best ecommerce hosting providers and a free tool to comparison. You should try at once on Webhostingmadness.com
  3. As of me you can choose keywords from Google adwords keyword tool. Where you can check the keywords competition & monthly searches of local and global. Always choose the 2-3 words keywords and highly monthly searches on keywords.
  4. In my opinion as fas as domain are concerned to SEO, keyword rich and old domain are always beneficial for the webmasters on every search engine.
  5. John23

    Best article sites

    It's really great and useful list of article directories. Thanks for sharing with us.
  6. John23

    Windows hosting to use

    I think there is a sense in comparison because it will be a good way to find the most appropriate hosting solution suitable for your needs and budget. Have a look at Webhostingmadness.com. Here you can find best solutions for windows hosting
  7. I have some easy steps - Make your account in Google analytics Add your site Add tracking code in your site enjoy to see traffic at Google analytics Access From this you can easily setup analytics for your Goo20 store.
  8. It's really good information. I really like this information because some guys always copying links. From this post my all confusion has been clear.
  9. John23

    ddos protected hosting

    I think you can read hosting review sites to get hosted with a reliable web host because those sites are full of customer testimonials about every web host. Try to find out in Google for best results.
  10. John23

    What a Best way For SEO

    The best way of SEO is that do blog posting, forum posting and also you can do social media marketing using social networking.
  11. Yes you can easily use Google analytics for checking visitors as well as traffic. My vote goes to Google analytics specially.
  12. John23

    How to check duplicate contents?

    Aside from copyscape you can try also >http://www.dustball.com/cs/plagiarism.checker/ this free plagiarism tool will find plagiarized essays, work, paper, and so on. It can also show you if your content is being duplicated by other sites.
  13. John23

    Wordpress blod hosting? Any good places?

    I suggest you to go with Webhostingmadness.com. Here you can find 20 and more hosting provider companies review with a free tool of comparison. And also it help you to select a best cpanel hosting provider and how much you have to pa, this all type of information you can get from it.
  14. Blog is great solution for your own linking network. Ofcourse like dojo says it's necessary to give users an unique and title related content. So if you have a copywriter or you have time to type by self - make a blog.
  15. In my opinion if your inner pages are in a way nested from your main page, the PR from the main page will flow through them for sure. Your main target will be to get a better PR on your main. If you have time and resources, you can try to get links to your inner webpages as well.