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  1. Miracles Do Happen

    Why a dog is better than a Wife!

    Hahaha. Really very clever and hilarious! It really reflects and has a positive tone on wives. Lol. Still, wives are better than dogs. Why choose which one is better when you can have both??
  2. Miracles Do Happen

    Yahoo is still in the search business

    Yahooo is undeniably going to be one of the highest earning search engines in the world. No matter what happens, it would still be trusted by a lot of people. And its expansion would mean something to Google.
  3. Miracles Do Happen

    How to get traffic from Yahoo Answers

    You can get traffic in Yahoo! once you answered a very traffic-friendly or search-able keyword-containing question, and then you suggested the link of your blog and placed it below your answer. It would really give you a large amount of traffic.
  4. Miracles Do Happen

    Passing an exam

    Haha. Imagine the doctor being believed that the patient was already cured of his mental sickness. Then, suddenly, it was almost as if the patient was already going to free from the mental hospital, when the patient said that he cannot swim in an empty swimming pool. Lol. Really crazy.
  5. Miracles Do Happen

    Funny Quotes

    Are those quotes really funny? Lol. Just kidding. I have a quote. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. An "annoying orange" (Youtube sensation) a day keeps everyone annoyed. Funny? Comment below.
  6. Miracles Do Happen

    Yahoo is dieing

    I really don't believe that Yahoo! is dying and will it, probably because Yahoo! is the closest and toughest competitor of Google when it comes to audience market share and traffic. Moreover, tie-ups have just been made so as to affirm that Yahoo! is still and will still be apparently living in, I guess, two decades.
  7. Miracles Do Happen

    Were you benefited by Yahoo answers?

    Yes. Yahoo! Answers is a very efficient query site. You can place your questions and wait for hours, until you see answers from both professional and nonprofessional sectors. Good thing, Yahoo! created this program.
  8. Miracles Do Happen

    High paying ad network

    I now understand why it seems that this rule was implemented for no reason at all. Now, I get it. You're allowing those who stay in this forum the right to post links as long as they get the minimum of 10 posts made. Really good anti-spamming tactic.
  9. Miracles Do Happen

    Is This a Good Business Opportunity?

    Hi. I went to the page you cited in your post, but it seems that it's way impossible to review your site as it is not available. I don't understand why. The posts say "Web Page Cannot Be Found".
  10. Miracles Do Happen

    Setting Goals To Become Successful

    If you feel like you wanted to achieve something, and is experiencing really a lot of hardships and hindrances, always continue in your goals. Pursue it and it will give back something to you in greater extent.
  11. Miracles Do Happen

    Take Control of Your Finances

    I recently clicked on the link provided above. The site is user-friendly and appears pleasing to the eyes. I hope that the content too will be as good as it appears right in front of me. The logos found below really prove that the site is secured. Job well done.
  12. Miracles Do Happen

    What do you think about working hours?

    I do a lot of work online. i write mini-reviews of products which might be good for others. Another thing I do is research about other technical online writing tips and how to earn money tips. Besides this, I also visit other websites wherein I'm a member of it like Facebook, Yahoo!, Massivelinks, Google, etc. Spend your time wisely. When you sell products include time in the list of your costs, because you might just be forgoing something just to advertise products which don't even buy.
  13. Miracles Do Happen

    Review my Webmaster Blog

    It says that your blog is already for sale as of July 2, 2010. Did you not proceed to establishing this site? Why? I wish I could have reviewed it before you closed it.
  14. Miracles Do Happen

    Laid off Graphic Artist Builds his first website

    Wow, the site really looks good! It's a collection of images which can eb easily downloadable. Moreover, the whole layout design is very impressive. Keep it up. Do put some ads in it!
  15. Miracles Do Happen

    Please Review This Serviced Offices Site.

    Hi. Your site looks professional and very reliable. If I were the prospect visitor, I might have find the right office solutions in this site. Just maintain it regularly. Are you generating traffic? Also, edit your logo. It's a bit 2D and cold.