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  1. Which do you think is superior, word of mouth or search engine marketing? As a matter of fact both could be cost effective if used in the best way. Both can pave the way for online marketing success. Word of mouth is, I presume, more suited for new product releases, sometimes even for established products. On the other hand search engine marketing works for every product and service under the Sun.
  2. coolman

    7 Big Mistakes New Affiliate Marketers Make

    Great tips. Yes, I too committed the mistake no. 2. It is extremely important for a growing affiliate marketer to choose the best programs. His website should not appear like an affiliate zoo at the end!
  3. All of us know that video marketing can be powerful when it comes to taking our products or services to potential customers or buyers. At the same time we as Internet marketers sometimes fail to advertise the videos properly. This is how well made videos can become futile and ineffective. Proper care should definitely be taken to advertise the video URL in order to rope in more visitors to our website. What do you think?
  4. coolman

    What is the most honest PPC?

    If you are looking to become a publisher I would suggest Adbrite and Adengage as good ones. Adengage has really improved over the last few years. As an advertiser you would do well to opt for either Adwords or BIdvertiser. I hope this helps.
  5. I just want to know whether it is possible to build a deep downline in GDI. It seems to be difficult though. I am not sounding pessimistic though. Since GDI is all about renewing subscriptions, how many renew every month?
  6. coolman

    How a blog can help you get a job

    Thanks for sharing Wisewebmaster. I have known a few young musicians that developed into front ranking performers by blogging often. In fact blogging had made them pursue a career in music!
  7. coolman

    8 Tips To Get Traffic From Online Forums

    Well, it is a great piece of advice when the author suggested keeping the profile straight. It is absolutely true. Keeping a profile straight and clean would pave the way for more and more business relationships too.
  8. Have you come across books on affiliate marketing at Amazon.com? One of my friends told me that some of the titles are informative and discussed the challenges involved in affiliate marketing in detail.
  9. coolman

    Bum marketing??

    Bum marketing has of late become competitive too in the sense that marketers begin to submit a lot of articles to various directories and it is a good sign too.
  10. coolman

    Income and Profit – Think Like a Business

    Revenue making may be true in the beginning part of the business. Any amount that is made for the month is revenue, but the fact should lie in the difference between the expenditure and the so called revenue for the month.
  11. Since freelancing includes web designing and web development also, it gives more opportunities for you to earn by exhibiting your skills as a web designer. It is not about the length of time needed to learn the science of web designing, but about the perfection with which it can be done for your clients.
  12. coolman

    Dream Job

    Earning money online is a very new subject that has gained a lot of popularity in the recent past. It is going in the right direction and I am very optimistic about its efficacy.
  13. coolman

    Dream Job

    This has been the dream of quite a few nowadays. I appreciate your dream job. Working online is a very lucrative exercise these days.
  14. The writer has stressed the importance of creating a nice website if a freelancer has to succeed. Well, even without a website a freelancer can succeed provide he writes or outsources with precision.
  15. coolman

    50$ from content site

    Definitely true. Content makes all the difference. A bad content is the one that would not attract visitors but not good content.