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  1. bcetindra


    no follow backlinks are good only but still try to focus more one do follow link site
  2. bcetindra

    What are the best way to get backlinks

    the best ways you can get the backlinks are guest post, bookmarking, forum, infographic, classified, business listing, blog post, web 2.0, etc.
  3. bcetindra


    Every backlinks is very important for the website but google will consider your backlinks quality dofollow or nofollow the link need quality. You need to know that different and meaning between dofollow and nofollow then only you can understand nofollow link usefull or not.
  4. bcetindra

    Title Tag

    instead of using this | better use dash(-) for separator of keywords in the title tag.
  5. SEM also most well come for traffic build for the website, if it is already rank in SERP.
  6. bcetindra

    Redirect updating Is it worth doing?

    yes re directing is good only and also with https is very good one for SEO.
  7. bcetindra

    Best SEO tool

    Free means webmaster tool and paid so many is there..
  8. bcetindra

    Best SEO tool

    For the analytics purpose ....
  9. bcetindra

    Best SEO tool

    Can anyone suggest which is the best tool for SEO?
  10. bcetindra

    Google Analytics

    You can't see male/female traffic by google analytics.....
  11. bcetindra

    Why Social Media Isn’t Working for You

    Nice post ....
  12. bcetindra

    What Time is the Best Time to Post to Social Media?

    I personally think there is no specific time for posting is social media if your posted content is good and attractive then traffic will surely come, it does not depend for any specific time....
  13. bcetindra

    Advantages of SMO

    I think social media optimization(SMO) is very useful for increasing the traffic....
  14. Do blog posting, forum posting, Image sharing, PDF sharing. These techniques will help you to get the backlinks.