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  1. I believe bum marketing works great for affiliate products. I have done bum marketing in the past for clickbank products and had the best results. Not to mention it was free income since I did not pay anyone to do the articles. The tough part is to keep writing articles each day, the more the better.
  2. Check out Commission Junction or Clickbank. I believe they have some just catering to the automotive industry.
  3. How come such a big news was never in the media. Or may be I missed it. Is Google still providing this service? TV ads are way too expensive, I wonder how someone having an adwords account can actually advertise on TV.
  4. webgeek

    Has anyone tried adcenter?

    Adcenter is like adwords but from microsoft. If you do a search on bing you will see sponsored results, that's through adcenter.
  5. This would benefit the guys who run big businesses. For people like me managing websites from home it is not much of a concern. Nevertheless its still good information and something to keep in mind for the long run.
  6. webgeek

    What is your experience with banner ads?

    I have'nt used it either but what I understand is some products convert really well with banner ads than text links. This is why some top sites only offer banner advertising. About the site you mentioned I really don't know, I tend to stay away from ptc sites cause most of them proved to be scams in the past.
  7. webgeek

    Poll: Do you pay for domain privacy protection?

    I would beg to differ. I prefer to have privacy for all my domains. Just because I do not like the fact that anyone can easily get all my info (name, address, phone) with a click of a button. P.S - Just registered 8 domains from godaddy and got the privacy free for a year. I don't know whether the offer is still active but guys interested in free privacy with domains can head to Godaddy.
  8. Bum marketing does work wonders not only for a blog but also for many more websites. What you have written is pretty much what needs to be done. For those who have'nt done bum marketing before, try it guys it works.
  9. webgeek

    Tips to help choose a niche

    I have always leaned to 'go with a niche you are interested in rather than just for the money'. So what if you do not make as much as in other niches, at least you are happy and can write good quality content rather than pretending to be a smartypants in a niche you have no clue about.
  10. webgeek

    Are personal blogs easy to run?

    I tried it in the past and I must say it is much more difficult than it looks. I guess it all depends on how creative you are to come up with new content.
  11. webgeek

    How Many Income Streams Do You Have for Your Blog?

    I've tried these - affiliate products, selling advertising spots on the blog and using a pay per click advertising program. Also gave a try at cpm and cpa offers. The ones that converted the most were selling ad space and cpc.
  12. webgeek

    Do you have a personal blog?

    Wow! That's great. I wonder how you manage it. By the way, are these all personal blogs or do you write on different niches?
  13. webgeek

    Outsourcing directory submissions

    Javi, you are right. People who have done directory submissions will know how time consuming it is. The only way I can think about is setting a team and getting the work done. Otherwise it is too much work for a single individual.
  14. webgeek

    30 Day Challenge

    Hmm!! Haven't heard of it before. Could you tell us more about it. Thanks!
  15. webgeek

    Use of site map

    Well this comes straight from wiki... Although wiki only mentions 'flash', it is to do more with 'dynamic content'. This could be videos or pictures.