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  1. That's a really great article and a fantastic way of looking at Amazon. I previously ignored them because of the low payouts but if you really don't have to do much work after setting them up, it really does make sense to give the whole amazon affiliate program a chance! Thanks for sharing, It definitely motivated me a little!
  2. megaman power

    Backlink tips

    Any newbie to link building should stick to 2 basics points 1.) Keep your links relevant 2.) Focus initially on link exchanges Once you start getting some link juice I would then focus more on building content and you'll start getting traffic very quickly. Once you get the traffic you can start focussing on better link exchanges.
  3. megaman power

    Hackers Can Hack You Via Your Power Outlet

    Fabio , interesting article but I find it pretty unbelievable, I mean how the hell can they do that. Also how do they figure out which laptop, computer or user the strokes are coming from ? Surely other devices using that power supply will emit similar signals... Sounds pretty hard even if they can do it
  4. megaman power

    Slang In Your Writing

    I use slang on blog and personal type sites, makes the content look much more natural, so does the job great. For pure info sites say on science or maths etc, I try to avoid using slang. Basically I use it whenever it's useful but it has to suit the type of site.
  5. megaman power

    Free website templates.

    Nice site, and I can personally vouch for gamehippo. Awesome site for games! Keep up the hardwork, always cool to see sites giving away free webmaster resources. Try this one too http://www.dldb.org. They've got some good databases!
  6. megaman power

    Promoting your Website Offline

    I've found offline forms of advertising for websites to be very short lived. Great for advertising an upcoming event etc, but from the time you launch your flyers, or newspaper advert there's a very small window of opportunity to grab the user. I stick to adwords and banner ads on other sites, works out cheaper and delivers better results.
  7. megaman power

    Have You Ever Run a Contest?

    I've run a lot of competitions on my forums, i usually hand out dvd's and t-shirts. Last comp I ran was on an anime forum and I gave out a free Naruto DVD and one piece T-shirt to the winner. Helps keep people interested and members do flock to sites that run regular comps. Just makes things a little more interesting.
  8. megaman power

    Picnik Purchased By Goolge

    google certainly is buying up all the small profitable and high traffic sites. Thanks for sharing, and good luck to google at trying to manage all their purchases!
  9. megaman power

    Site Targeted - Adwords

    @Brian.Mark : I'm a lone star webmaster and use adwords perfectly for a few of my sites. The most I spend is $5 per day and it brings in on average $30-$50 worth of sales. So works great for me. Adwords works great, and targetting a site could work if you know which sites would serve you best. I keep it open ended and just monitor the sites my ads are going up on Good post Fabio!
  10. megaman power

    How do you manage your accounts books?

    Very easy for me, I get my accountant to do it, at the end of the day the only real costs are hosting and other fixed web costs, all the rest e.g. paying people to do work, design etc, is easy to document Don't use any software, would be overkill for a one man band wagon like me!
  11. megaman power

    Social Media Demographics: Who’s Using Which Sites?

    Wow great post, interesting to see that myspace has the largest number of 0-17 users and the least educated. No wonder it's filled with musicians, models and generally trashy people!
  12. megaman power

    Cleaning out Cookies with ccleaner

    Fabio , you life saver, I just used ccleaner and it cleared 1.86 GB of junk. Bloody hell that was a shock and my broswer no functions much more smoothly!!! They've got some other cool products too. Nice company!
  13. megaman power

    Anime Site Redesigned

    Hey guys, We recently re-designed AnimeMB.com. Started off as just as forums but expanded it into a news site with a new design. We coded the front in wordpress and the forum was already VB 3.X. What do you guys think ? Thanks
  14. I was certainly one of those chaps that got into SEO by buying the SEOBook ebook. It just stood out like a sore thumb and got me into the whole area. On hind sight it was a waste of money as most of that info was available for free. But how many of you guys used SEObook as your starting point and would you still recommend it to others!
  15. megaman power

    SEO, your first step?

    I usually take an initial fee for recommendations and general research of their niche. Once I have that I suggest to them some changes and then bill them monthly an amount to put into action my suggestions, we then review at 3 months and see how it's going.