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  1. WiseWebmaster

    Server to host a big blog

    How big of a blog are you intending to build/move?
  2. WiseWebmaster

    hosting for my project

    One would need to know more about your project to give proper recommendations. What kind of site is it? How much traffic do you expect? Why are you using PHP and MySQL?
  3. WiseWebmaster

    How to add addsense on website?

    What are you using to run the site? Are you using Wordpress? A free site like Blogger? We need more information to give helpful answers.
  4. WiseWebmaster

    How to start SEM?

    Are you targeting B2B or B2C clients?
  5. WiseWebmaster

    Quality Wordpress hosting

    Why are you now looking at these?
  6. WiseWebmaster

    Do you have a pet?

    With patience and love. They kind of train us.
  7. WiseWebmaster

    How to make your car fuel efficient?

    Apparently keeping your tires at the right pressure helps fuel consumption.
  8. WiseWebmaster

    Do you have a pet?

    We are a cat household
  9. WiseWebmaster

    How to start SEM?

    Depends on whether you are going to do this yourself or hire someone. Also, some of the tools have a cost associated with them. What do you already know about SEM?
  10. WiseWebmaster

    Do you have a pet?

    That is a lot of questions. What kind of pet do you have?
  11. WiseWebmaster

    What do you think about smart contracts?

    Can you explain your question a bit better please.
  12. WiseWebmaster

    Facebook or Instagram

    The better one would be the one that the customers you are targeting use.
  13. WiseWebmaster

    Buying Backlinks

    It is and always has been a waste of money. Read Google and Bing's webmaster guidelines regarding manipulating the results with link schemes.
  14. WiseWebmaster

    Google messing! Now mobile searches given higher ranking

    For me, this means do as good as job with your mobile version as with the desktop version. i.e. same content both versions. I'm with you on how useless it is to do serious research on a phone or tablet. In between Android doing as it pleases and the crappy "mobile" version of sites I give up and go to the desktop. It is even difficult to order a pizza!
  15. WiseWebmaster

    How to improve development process?

    What kind of software are you developing?