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  1. Never heard of them. The web security blogs I follow say the hackers are going after cloud services so I would be concerned about that.
  2. WiseWebmaster


    Hi Franz123. Welcome to the forum. Nice to meet you.
  3. WiseWebmaster

    Facebook Data Breach

    I still use Twitter. With data breaches becoming common the requirements to cross sign up (i.e. login with....) if I cannot join or login with an email I just won't join a site.
  4. WiseWebmaster

    Good server for hositng an e-shop ...

    The title of this thread says you are looking for hosting for an eshop but in the opening post of the thread you ask about a blog. Which is it that you need hosting for? Requirements are different for these.
  5. WiseWebmaster

    Help me to make a right choice

    Perhaps if you gave the specifics of what kind of site you wish to build instead of just name dropping you would get better replies.
  6. WiseWebmaster

    Google+ is no more!

    Yes a lot of people are affected by this. Think of all the blogs and sites that used Google+ as a means to create and gather comments on their sites. And... the poor souls who used Google+ as their means to log into sites.
  7. WiseWebmaster

    hosting and domain registration service in Canada?

    If you are wanting a web hosting service actually in Canada Canspace servers are not in Canada. They are in the USA. IP Address: Geolocation: US (United States),
  8. WiseWebmaster


    Hello treliator. Nice to meet you.
  9. WiseWebmaster

    Gaming site not approved my adsense

    Find a way to integrate unique content into the pages around what you are fetching. There would have to be enough content surrounding what is being fetched to out weigh the copied content.
  10. WiseWebmaster

    best anti virus?

    I have used Norton for years. Info on what they scan in the registry here: What registry sections are scanned?
  11. WiseWebmaster

    VPS to buy from a decent provider

    Seeing a) you did not state what requirements your project has how can anyone give you valuable advise? b) seeing you have been giving your opinion on these and various other web hosting, why are you asking?
  12. WiseWebmaster

    Server to host a big blog

    How can you say that when the OP has not stated what requirements he/she requires? Two of us have asked for more details.
  13. WiseWebmaster

    SparkScore tool

    Rand Fishkin's company has created a new tool to check real vs fake followers. Has anyone tried it yet? If you tried it, how did you like it?
  14. WiseWebmaster

    Inbound Sales Process

    What tools are you using in your sales process? An article I read today (Going Inbound With Sales: 5 Kinds of Tools You Need to Get Started) suggested using: HubSpot CRM for Customer Relationship Management PandaDoc for document management Slack for internal communications Shapr for networking QuickBooks for accounting I still like paper files although I do scan and save important documents as well.
  15. WiseWebmaster

    Facebook Data Breach Sept 2018

    Were you one of the 50 million Facebook users affected by the data breach reported Friday, Sept 28/18? Facebook Data Breach Impacts Almost 50 Million Accounts