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  1. adrianneizaguirre

    Best Way to Promote Products?

    Just wondering on this subject. What do you guys think is the best way to advertise affiliate marketing products. For example - are physical or digital products better? Would you use E-mail Campaigns, Adwords, via your site, or any others? (List them here if I have not mentioned them) I have added a poll here so you guys can vote.
  2. adrianneizaguirre

    What should I call my affiliates?

    Affiliates are the best, or you could use business partners. =)
  3. adrianneizaguirre

    If you could give one Affiliate Marketing tip

    My tip is to take it one step at a time. Most people get over-welmed when doing affiliate marketing..
  4. adrianneizaguirre

    6 Ways To Promote Your Website For Free

    Press releases are very effective, espeically for new sites. I know of a couple people who offer their services writing press releases for other. That'll save you alot of time rather than doing it yourself =)
  5. adrianneizaguirre

    Earn 70% of revenue from file sharing Affiliate

    That is interesting.. How are you promoting this product? Is it through your website or Adwords?
  6. adrianneizaguirre

    Promoting Clickbank Products 101

    Ahhh, I remember SurveyScout. Back in the day I signed up for them. That's when I didn't know anything about Clickbank or Affiliate marketing -hehe.
  7. adrianneizaguirre

    Do you use high comission affiliate products or low?

    I think that something in the middle is appropriate. Say - affiliate products for $20-$30 sounds good.
  8. adrianneizaguirre

    3 Methods to Easy Marketing

    I agree. I really like the idea of outsourcing because this way you don't have to do all the work which can be tedious at times..
  9. adrianneizaguirre

    Preventing “The Slap” 101

    Thank you for that advice. I know alot of users have been slapped by Google. Well - it's the way by which you approach your Adwords campaign is what makes a difference. Sites that do get notified are often looked at by someone working at Google so they are likely disapprove of the site if it has some questionable content..
  10. adrianneizaguirre

    What kind of products you would promote?

    Let me see, how about products related to your specific service or niche? Generally, I enjoy selling services but if you were to pick a product - choose something that cannot be found in stores. This is often a gold mine..
  11. adrianneizaguirre

    affiliate programs for sneaker websites

    Well, you should try Designer sneakers at Amazon instead of any kind of pair. They are probally worth much more so you'll earn a bigger commission. Just my 2c!
  12. adrianneizaguirre

    Powerful Elements in List Building

    I built my first list yesterday since I am getting many visitors to my website now. Currently selling services and a good way to do this is by offering discounts to sign up through your list. It took me an hour on how to lure them to sign up for my list. But this is a win win situation both ways =)
  13. adrianneizaguirre

    Versatile Video Marketing Tactics

    You are right Nick. I have a feeling that video marketing is going to become much bigger in the future too! Youtube, Hulu, Online Movie sites and so much more..
  14. adrianneizaguirre

    Massive Links Affiliate Program

    Is it just a banner or could we use affiliate links too? I wanted to put this in my forum signature over at Digital Point if that's allowed..
  15. adrianneizaguirre

    6 Ways To Promote Your Website For Free

    Wonderful post, and espeically great for newbies who are not familiar with these ways. I would have to say backlinking is the most effective way although it's a long process.

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