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  1. Hi, there are some files I want to save and protect. I´d like to save them in CD-ROMs (or USB sticks) but I want to encrypt them too, in case someone else find one of the CDs. Could someone please recommend me a software to do that. I mean a software that allows me to encrypt the files and put a password on them to decrypt them later? Thank you. Greetings, Javi
  2. Javi_Uffhofen

    8 Ways to Optimize Links To Get More Clicks

    Hi, yes, good advices, but, I agree with you: I prefer to use links that open the pages in the same window. I don´t like the sites where you make some clicks and end with tabs and windows all over the place. Greetings.
  3. Hi, I took a look at it and I must admit, I don´t want to read it, it´s pretty like a bunch of letters. It´s amazing to see how many people are trying to discover how Google really works. For my personal purposes it´s enough to know the positioning strategies that really work and apply them well. But the document is at least interesting, I guess. Greetings, Javi
  4. Javi_Uffhofen

    Who are the Link Building Experts You Follow?

    Hi WiseWebmaster, I think the list is pretty cool and long enough. I agree, it´s important to keep ourselves up to date, but the amount of informations about the topic linkbuilding that we can find on the net are just hughe. I think we can just learn the basics really well and then do a good job. And that means lots of work already, there is not much time to read about the topic... Greetings, Javi
  5. Javi_Uffhofen

    Alemaniando.com , WordPress Site

    Hi, here is the site I was talking about at the WordPress forum. Please take a look at it and tell me everything you thing. The aspect I´m interested the most is the functionality of the site. Please tell me if any error message doesn´t work and things like that. Thanks a lot, here is the link: alemaniando.com Greetings, Javi
  6. Javi_Uffhofen

    Theme: Toolbox 0.3

    Hi, there is a WP theme I´m trying out right now, it´s called Toolbox 0.3 . It doesn´t offer much, but that´s exactly what I like the most about this theme. It really lets work as you want, you can define lots of things without having to change lots of code. You can take a look at how I´m using it right now at: http://forum.massivelinks.com/topic/12128-alemaniandocom-wordpress-site/ That´s a link to the showroom of this forum. Please follow the link and then follow the second link, I mean the link there to the site. Thank you and greetings.
  7. Javi_Uffhofen

    Please take a look at SaborCubano

    Hi amigos, I`d like you to take a look to http://saborcubano.wordpress.com and review it. It´s a free blog, in Spanish and, as you surely know, it´s about Cuba. Thank you. Regards, Javi
  8. Javi_Uffhofen


    Hi Zelda, thanks a lot for taking the time to take a look at abonos-organicos.com, I´m glad you liked it. I´m not anymore the owner of the site but I still want to answer your question: I took videos from YouTube and embedded them, I think they are quite good to learn about organic gardening. Regards Javi
  9. Javi_Uffhofen

    Selling for a lower price - a good strategy?

    Hi coolman, that´s a difficult question, I guess the answer depends on many factors. But I think that it´s better to set the prices at a fair level from the beginning. Your products have to distinguish themselves from others in the market. There are enough big fishes offering very low prices for products with high selling rates, but they are big fishes and can do that. I guess you are talking about a small online shop or something like this, so I would say choosing a good niche and satisfying its needs is much more important than setting a "low" price. Greetings, Javi
  10. Javi_Uffhofen

    How to change the style of a phpBB forum?

    Hi, I´m going to answer myself because I found the answer to my problem by trying several things out and I think this might be of use for other members of the forum or visitors. The mistake I was making was that I was trying to change the default style from the Styles Management section. That´s not the right place (?). I had to go to the "General" section of the administration board and there is an option called "Board Settings". There you can change the default style and choose the option to "override user´s style". That´s important because if you don´t ckeck this button the old users (including yourself) are going to use and see the old style. (That was my problem). Greetings, Javi
  11. Hi, I´m trying to change the style of a phpBB forum I´m launching but I just doesn´t work as I thought. I thought it was just a matter of activating a new style, but I did that and nothing happened. Can anyone please help me to do this? Thanks a lot for any help.
  12. Javi_Uffhofen

    please review my article directory

    Hi Johnny, I like the look of your article directory in general, but for me there are too many Google ads there. I just don´t like that at any site, but that´s a matter of personal taste, I guess. Congratulations for your directory, it seems to be working fine. Greetings, Javi
  13. Javi_Uffhofen

    Looking for a turotial: phpBB

    Hi amigos, I´m looking for a tutorial about phpBB because I recently launched a forum and want to make some changes on its appereance, place some links and ads and things like these. Could you please recommend me a good free tutorial? Thanks a lot.
  14. Javi_Uffhofen

    Google Wonder Wheel

    Hi WiseWebmaster, that looks good, I never used it but I´ll do that and let you know how it was. Thank you for sharing it.
  15. Article marketing is one of the most important backlinking methods. What do you prefer: to concentrate on some directories or to make yor article submissions widely?

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