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  1. GuyV


    Nope never heard of them, I'd suggest starting with a well known CPA company before dealing with a smaller one.
  2. It was all automated, so the person in question probably won't even know what blogs are getting blasted. Normally when spamming blogs you'd be spamming a list of 10-100k blogs with the idea that you'll probably get a 5-10% success rate. 10% of 10k = 1k backlinks In this instance it sounds like someone hired a shitty third party company who didn't even try to vaguely be clever about what they're doing. You'd be surprised how effective this technique can actually be, though personally I wouldn't do it to any of my money sites.
  3. GuyV

    Traffic falling recently

    Twitter isn't going to hurt your site, even if you spammed it to death from hundreds of accounts. Have you checked the rankings of your various keywords to make sure they are still in position? It is likely as you said that it's just that time of year.
  4. They are no follow specifically because this forum isn't here to generate link juice for people. You can link in your sig to try and attract traffic from members of the forum who may be interested in your properties, but the sig links are no follow so the forum isn't spammed to death by bots looking for backlinks. If you want a do follow link from the Massivelinks domain then you are welcome to make a directory submission.
  5. How much traffic are you sending them ? How much traffic are you getting in total ? How long are their cookies supposed to last? Are the cookies being tracked at all? I see that you rank no 1 for brand new homes in the UK, but Google says you're probably only getting a hundred or so hits a month from that straight term. How is your actual traffic? Also what where the affiliate programs offering? If it was to buy homes or get mortgages those kind of things aren't the type of stuff that people compelte all the way through on the web, so probably not a great thing to affiliate up to. I see you have normal ads up on your site, what is the CTR for those ?
  6. They are things which should be done in one form or another. I wouldn't pay $150 for those specific services, I'd probably pay more like $30 if I was going to pay someone else to do them. Notice how a lot of the services say submissions and not live links. To me that guy is probably going to do some poor quality work, which is why if I was going to buy a package of shitty backlinks I'd probably do it for much cheaper (hence the $30). That said people do pay $150 for crap services like this, because a serious SEO person will generally cost upwards of $500-1000 a month (even much more) for the first 6 months - 1 year before they can move into maintence mode (which in some niches they can never do). Some businesses would rather throw money away on these shitty low quality services just so they can feel like they've done something, without any real understanding of what they could potentially be doing to their site.
  7. SeoSpyGlass uses Blekko as a backlink checker which is fairly reliable. SeoMoz and SEO Powersuite are also viable alternatives.
  8. GuyV

    Changes to Google's Algorithm

    Both. They definately want to push Google+ Business and they are also keen to favor brands in brand related searches (rather than affiliates).
  9. GuyV

    Wordpress blod hosting? Any good places?

    Pretty much any hosting company will be fine for what you want. No idea about jumpline specifically as I've never used them.
  10. It isn't new. It is a way to use keywords related to your primary keywords to help make you rank better for your main target keyword (and possibly related long tail/variant keywords).
  11. No but I will. I never really understood why they where separate in the first place.
  12. GuyV

    Why Are You Buying Fans, Friends and Followers?

    It depends what you mean by buying fans, friends and followers. It is possible to pay for services that will get you organic followers etc by actually running decent social media campaigns instead of your own less successful ones. In terms of buying auto followers, mostly it's to create a good impression on organic visitors, as long as they don't look super spammy a twitter account with a few thousand followers or a facebook page with a few thousand likes does tend to get better responses from real people than those with less. Also you can game likes and +1's (both of which can significantly boost organic traffic). Just low end commercial like farms/circles aren't the way to do it.
  13. PageRank isn't only calculated based on number of backlinks, its also based on quality of backlinks and quality/amount of content on your site. Have you had any of your pages deindexed ? Have any of your high PR backlinks been devalued because of Panda ? I wouldn't worry about it too much unless your selling backlinks from the site.
  14. GuyV

    Ranking Well on Google Regional

    The best (easiest) way is to use keyword optimized urls that are country specific. You should also use Google Webmaster tools to tell Google which country the site is aimed at. Then you should work at getting offsite backlinks to your content from country specific domains.
  15. It may help get your forum ranked for some longtail keywords, which in turn will bring in more traffic. It will also encourage organic visitors to stay on your site and become part of the community, which will also effectively help bring in more traffic. There are no guarantees, forums are not easy to breathe life into. However, if the forum is currently pretty dead then you do need to help kickstart it. I have no idea how good that particular service is though.