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  1. I know hostnhub.com has many hosting plans for private or business. Dedicated or private ip available. Multiple US and European data bases for good web exposure. Unlimited band width is a marketing strategy a lot of companies use. Hostnhub will allow you to buy band width protection so your site will not go down if you over pull. I think it is a great feature for large sites.
  2. globegenius

    Speed up your computer

    Most of the time when your computer gets slow its due to registry file problems and cache over load. I have used ccleaner for years and its a great free tool. Others charge big bucks for the same service. You will be amazed how much faster your computer will be after you run the cleaner. Free download link here.
  3. globegenius

    Google Buzz Is Here!

    I am on Google Buzz but not sure if it will be popular or not. I like that it is in my gmail and easily accessed without logging into another web site. Integrated with twitter and you can post pictures and links. Another source for media exposure is always good for promotion of your site or products..
  4. globegenius

    Which is the best affiliate network?

    I think it really depends on the kind of traffic you generate to decide which is best for you. (young, old, all ages) Depending what your website is about also applies. Pick an affiliate that relates to your web site. You can join CJ, Amazon and Pepperjam for starters. Then you apply to have an advertising campaign with their advertisers. Myself I have the most success using Ad Sense on my domains. Good luck with your endeavors.
  5. globegenius

    domain registrar with free hosting services

    Hostnhub (dot) com All the same features as godaddy but without the advertising on every page. Free website, email, hosting, Google credits, domain lock and a boat load more included with every domain purchase. Super fast registry. After I buy a domain it is visible on the net in seconds. I have bought a couple hundred through them with no problems.
  6. globegenius

    Cleaning out Cookies with ccleaner

    CCleaner is a great free tool. I have used it for years. Check their home page to get the latest updates. It can really speed up your computer by fixing your registry files and cleaning out the junk.
  7. globegenius

    uploading your profile picture

    I have the same problem. I tried several times and even made it smaller than recommended size. It's a discouragement for new members. Hope you get the problem resolved. Off to some other forums. Have a super day everyone.