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  1. Louzard

    facebook likes

    How well does it work at the moment?
  2. Louzard

    Facebook or Instagram

    Of course, it’s best to use both social networks. Although I noticed this trend, recently instagram gives much better results than Facebook. I even order Instagram promotion in Instagram Marketing Agency. For my online store it works very well. I increased sales and conversion. Instagram is very popular now and don't need to be neglected.
  3. Louzard


    hi and welcome!
  4. Louzard

    best anti virus?

    I like Kaspersky, TotalAV or Norton. In general, if you choose antivirus software from this rating, they are reliable.
  5. Louzard

    Do you have a pet?

    I have three dogs
  6. Louzard

    Education affiliate programs?

    You can write in support. They have given good keys.
  7. Louzard

    Education affiliate programs?

    The question is about the educational affiliate program, and not about the pharmacy. You can try https://essayprofit.com/ 70% commission for the first order and 30% for the second order. I like it! Another plus is reliability, many satisfied customers. Because the affiliate program has been working since 2004 year.
  8. Louzard

    Perfectionism and Procrastination

    also interesting!
  9. Yes, I mean it. About earnings... can compare. But in my case, this system gives more profit than others. Should be tried in each case.
  10. you can try this: smartyads or pay per tweet. I've already added a few months my website in this system. Get advertisers, set the prices for ads, get paid on time. All is fair, convenient and profitable. And for convenience, there are several models to choose: fixed price or CPM. Try different options. Depends on what sites you have, which traffic and audience. This system has already been tested!
  11. Louzard

    What is the most honest PPC?

    I use http://www.bizzclick.com as a webmaster and as an advertiser. Only positive impressions. I can clearly say that the system is fair. For webmasters in certain niches is the high cost of bids, for an advertiser cpv traffic between $ 0.003 - 0.005 So that the system is good. For the advertiser are very good tools to filter traffic.
  12. there are many sources. Main - is the official news from the search engines. I read the Google blogs. More detailed information can be found at independent portals, such as here http://bizzteams.com There are interviews, reviews of exhibitions taking place, news on SEO, SMO, SMM. Updated frequently, so you can always stay up to date.
  13. Louzard

    PPC - Adsense Alternative

    Why no alternatives? You can find it. For example, I started to use PPC BizzClick.com, which refused to Adsense. I have a site about online casino and poker. Bids is high in this PPC, and minimum bids are also quite high. So in any case, good pay per click. As well as detailed statistics and friendly support, which is not in Adsense. Incidentally for some reason, many webmasters are now looking for alternatives ...
  14. Louzard

    What does People look in a Forum?

    for me on the forums is essential in its communication of people ... Everything else is secondary