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  1. Blazed

    Google Takes On Microsoft SharePoint

    LOL, you got a good point. I think your point holds true no matter what we are talking about though. If you don't have internet connectivity your business is dead in the first place, right?
  2. It is being called Google Cloud Connect, but the name may change when it is officially rolled out. This new service from Google will allow its users to store documents in the Cloud and work on documents inside of MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint simultaneousness. This service will work very much like the current Google docs, but you will be able to collaborate from inside of your existing Microsoft office applications. I for one think that his is going to be a big blow to the Sharepoint user base and it sure will be nice to use MS Words excellent spell and grammar check while working on docs in the cloud! You can sign up for early notification here: https://spreadsheets3.google.com/viewform?formkey=dHJoU0xuYVpOa1lNVW11Mmo3WW1vZXc6MQ#gid=0 Here's a screenie
  3. The popular Square mobile payment processor has recently released a new pricing plan. Unlike any other company, this one actually lowered their rates. There is no "per transaction" fee any longer. Now you pay a flat rate of 2.75% on all your sales, Wow! I got one a while ago, used to do some flea markets and such when I traveled a lot, not so sure what I am going to use this one for, but it is totally free!
  4. Blazed

    New Google Home Page

    I don't know if this is rolled out to everybody, but I see a "secure" beta when I go to the home page of Google now. I also see a new bar at the top of Google that has a bar that shows the other Google services and a small gear where you can access your account option. Is anybody else seeing this?
  5. Blazed

    GeoHot Hacker, Cracker and Rapper!

    Whoah, awesome!
  6. You may know him as GeoHot or the guy who keeps bringing the best iPhone jailbreaks and one of the main people involved in making jailbreaks legal. George Hotz has is young man and he has been hacking for many years. He recently got a lot of media attention due to Sony. They are currently suing him for performing similar hacks on their playstation devices. There is a rap contest currently going on that is called Light It Up and George decided to add his own touch to his original rap, check it out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iUvuaChDEg
  7. Blazed

    IBM's "Watson" Competes on Jeopardy

    I am not sure if it is amazing or amazingly scary how far computer A.I. has come. Every time I run across a leap forward like this, it really makes you think about iRobot, the book not the movie or the company. If you are not familiar with Raymond Kurzweil you should do some reading on him. He has more degrees than I have dollars and he is the foremost theorist on the technology singularity. This is the point where technology is advancing so rapidly that the future becomes unpredictable and possibly totally out of control. Well, definitely interesting, but I hope we can continue to contain the beast that we have created!
  8. Call it a concession to customers that didn't jump ship when Verizon got the iPhone or call it what ever you want. I think its a sweet deal and it's definitely easy to take advantage of, all you need to do is send a text and you will get 1000 free minutes added to your rollover account on your AT&T plan. Send a text to 11113020 and enter the message "yes" you will receive an instant confirmation that you just got 1000 free minutes. It really is that easy, check it out and post here to let us know that it is still working!
  9. Blazed

    Smart Phones Surpass PC Sales

    It has been predicted that this would happen. The numbers for the last quarter of 2010 show that the sales of smart phones has actually surpassed the sales of personal computers in the same period of time. There were 100 million smart phones shipped in Q4 of 2010 and only 92 million PC's shipped. It is no surprise now that there are so many options and these smaller devices are much cheaper, but it makes you wonder how this will effect the future of computing in general.
  10. Blazed

    Facebook Phone Is Real

    The Facebook Phone has been rumered to be in development for some time now. Well, as it seems these rumors have been based on reality after all. There is a company that has working models of the Facebook phone that will begin to ship in the UK as soon as this summer. - PC World
  11. We all know that Google was first to help people keep an open online stream of communication when the government turned the internet off in their country. This was most likely a tool used to plan the gatherings and other organization as the protests where going on, but how much did this kind gesture really impact the situation?
  12. Yes, I suppose there are some pretty sweet uses. One thing that would be really cool is if you could watch a podcast in one screen and then join the live chat room in another. There are plenty of ways that I think it could be useful, but until I get one in my hand I am just not sure if it would be more novelty that really useful. Since most phone apps take up the full screen, there would be some usefulness in just being apple to view any 2 apps of your choosing.
  13. Blazed

    HP Web OS Releases

    HP promised something new and interesting at their release earlier today and they have brought a whole family of new Web OS gadgets to the table. It was no surprise that they released a Pre 3 in their line up, but they also brought the worlds smallest smartphone and a Web OS tablet. Now you can get your Web OS device in small, medium or large.
  14. This one may be more smoke and mirrors than actual usable innovation, but its pretty cool all the same. I think that it will only really become successful if they find ways to utilize the dual screen ability with some unique applications. They had better get their developers working hard on this.
  15. Blazed

    The Daily - First iPad Only Newspaper

    Yes, I think the price is right and if you compare it to a print paper it actually offers a considerable savings. There will surely be many more competitors in this space if The Daily shows any signs of success. I think that this specific paper needs to broaden their horizons and get on more devices by making it accessible on the android marketplace. I am very interested to see if it can fly, but do not currently own a tablet so I will have to wait to see it when I get one.