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  1. @tk-hassan Adword & CPM ads are so much costly. I think forum ads can be better and cost effective ...
  2. hostbrink

    SSD shared hosting to buy

    I never tried anyone of them. Please checkout their reviews on different forums.
  3. hostbrink

    Wordpress Plugin for mobile version of blog

    Try some responsive theme ....... It will be easier to manage ...
  4. hostbrink

    Hi all, just joined this forum

    Hey, Tk-Hassan, welcome to the forum. Nice to see you here. Surely you will get lot of useful information ...
  5. hey, we are running a hosting company, Right now, we are looking to invest in the facebook advertisement, What do you think, how much effective is facebook advertisement in generating sales.?
  6. I am looking for try out PBN or Link Wheeling this time .... Hope so it will be useful as both will be having contextual links .... but extreme care is required in both ways ?? Forum signatures and profile links are also old but I never tried them in this year ...
  7. hostbrink

    SSD reseller hosting advantages?

    SSD reseller hosting is having SSD storage which is much faster and secure than SATA or HDD storage ... this is one of the major advantage of SSD Reseller Hosting ...
  8. hostbrink

    Are you using Flipboard?

    I am not using flipboard ... I have heard of it but never used it ...
  9. hostbrink

    What Time is the Best Time to Post to Social Media?

    Best time depends on the likes, followers country ... Post updates according to the time zone of followers ... evening time is more appropriate as per my thinking ...
  10. Hey, Everyone is working out own tactics for backlinking. Please list down ways for backlinking in 2015. I mainly focusing on site design, load time and quality content ... Directory submission, comments etc for backlinking ... but not getting that success ...
  11. I don't care about fake followers ... there is nothing wrong with having fake followers on twitter ... i usually remove fake friends from facebook friendlist ...
  12. hostbrink

    Finding Niche Directories

    I am looking for hosting niche directories, Can I find my desired ones from the list given above? or anyone could provide me with a list ?