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  1. tk-hassan

    Mobile website .htaccess and re directs

    Responsive website is highly recommended, otherwise you have to handle the rel="canonical" meta tags and redirects properly
  2. do you know competitor analysis techniques? if yes then use them to find her strategy, otherwise hire some SEO expert to do this for you
  3. i dont think that facebook advertising is good option, you should consider Adwords CPM ADs and forum Ads
  4. tk-hassan

    What do You use for Your For Web Analytics?

    We use some click tracking and landing page analysis tools like KissMetrics and Optimizely etc
  5. tk-hassan

    How to force www or non-www in htaccess

    you can find some useful example codes to redirect www or non-www in htaccess from here
  6. tk-hassan

    Finding Niche Directories

    I know one place which I use myself whenever I need directories for my work, that is directorycritic.com , they have a great collection of directories including niche directories.
  7. Hi all hassan here, i am new member of massive links forum, joined it to get help and share knowledge