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  1. The steps describes in the list to make online content writing work is really good strategy for content writing and content marketing. Fresh and unique content is a main arm for traffic and website authority. Audience plays an important role when you writing content for any topic. Also the content for hot topic and current trends brings more traffic.
  2. DantinPahcits

    Social Networks to Promote your Business Online

    Social networks are a great tools for target audience. Here listed social networks to promote your business online is useful source and all websites perform its good for user. You should include some other sites like reddit, soup.io, delicious etc. also help to increase the engagement of audience.
  3. DantinPahcits

    Blog Assessment Checklist

    Heidi Cohen published a great list of definitive blog assessment checklist. With this checklist, blog becomes more powerful and reachable. Your blog should reach at more people and it's beneficial for all. Currently its required to check all point in this checklist and do better for increase the visibility of your blog.
  4. DantinPahcits

    Are You Frustrated with Google's Mobile Test Tool? Join the Club!

    Yes, We have frustrated with Google's mobile test tool, because its more creepy and hillarious. We have tried many times to pass mobile test but google does not allow to do that. It needs to update softwear or remove extra features to pass the test and get rank better.
  5. DantinPahcits

    The Future of Google+ : Boom or Bust?

    There are many rumors came about G+ for its shutting down or not useful for ranking. But its true that still G+ is a beneficial for earn links and get ranking in SERP. G+ is owned by google and to improve its growth and with its competition for facebook, google forced to like it everyone. Although its good social media platform for sharing new ideas and getting current trends.
  6. DantinPahcits

    Content Marketing Ideas

    There are many ways for content marketing. You have to skip some of activities like create document and ppt and submission in high pr sites. Soical media sharing and social bookmarking submissions are best plateform to share any blogs or articles link to spread your content.
  7. DantinPahcits

    Increasing Your Twitter Engagement

    There are many blogs and articles written about how to tweet, what to tweet, when, where and how much tweet. To increse engagement on twitter, you have to take your own decision. Some twitter related tools, mindful use of hashtag and latest trends are very useful to increasing your twitter engagement.
  8. DantinPahcits

    Ways to Promote Your Blog Post

    Yes, the ways you have listed is looks like a pretty time consuming. You can do all of these things. All 101 ways are not important but very fews in them are considered as good. Like sharing blog in social media and doing social bookmarking is good practice.
  9. DantinPahcits

    Is Facebook still a good investment for your business?

    Yes obviously, still facebook is a good investment for business. Facebook is #1 websites for social media, so it has a more visitors then others. From child to oldest person everyone has an account in facebook. Also the campaign price of facebook is less then other websites.
  10. DantinPahcits

    Paid Marketing

    No till date I had not used any paid marketing for my website but used only free ways to increase my business. If you want to use paid marketing for your business then you can use it and its not required big budget, you can do it in your budget.