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    What Is Your Favorite Geek Gadget?

    samsung chat c322
  2. addminda

    Google Honeycomb Official Release

  3. addminda

    What can't you find?

    If the Domain name details not found in whois means that is privately registered,you can check the Domain whois is Details at Whoisxy
  4. addminda

    Amazon Price Check App Review

  5. addminda

    Nookcolor Review

    FINE......It's Good....
  6. addminda

    Check Your real Broadband Speed

    yes you are correct,Mostly you cannot get the full speed that your ISP provides,It's because of traffic,and your system performance,also ISP problems.etc...But it will not differ more speed some amount of speed only reduce,I am using 2mbps connection but My speed : Downloading speed is 1.654Mbps Uploading speed 0.822 Mbps i tested at here Internet-speed-test/
  7. addminda

    Free Domain reseller account

    My suggestion for hosting and Domain registration process is that You can buy the reseller account..In the site http://www.goresellers.com/ You can buy the reseller plan at low cost ..Then You can host site by own also sell domain name and hosting plans to other...

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