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  1. Corey Bryant

    hyperlink or embed

    I like embedding personally but depending on the user's system, the code might not show the video if the embed code is not compatible with their system.
  2. Corey Bryant

    Server management

    Usually the server management company will help to get the server back online if it goes down - this is pretty useful when you are asleep. They should also maintain it and keep the operating system up to date with any patches. There are a number of them out there - some will charge a monthly fee that gives you a certain number of hours, etc. They can be very useful when you need minor things done on the server and you don't have the time (or knowledge) to set them up.
  3. Corey Bryant


    I have BlogRush as well - but I have not seen that much traffic from it. Woopra is another one that seems to be interesting (for stats).
  4. Corey Bryant

    Is it possible to run ASP under LINUX

    I know of ChiliASP for *NIX that can be installed but I don't think that you will get all the ASP benefits as if you were running it on a Windows machine.
  5. Corey Bryant

    Major domain name problems

    You could always consider talking to ICANN to see what they can do. Did you also just look to make sure that the domains were still in your name (like through http://www.domaintools.com)?
  6. Corey Bryant

    Need a Real Programmer - Please Help

    Yes it should work on any page (with the browser having JavaScript enabled).
  7. Corey Bryant

    Duplicate content question

    If you can, you should consider doing a 301 (permanent) redirect. Search Engines are updated consitently. You have a 50-50 chance that Google (or any search engine) might deem it duplicate content.
  8. Corey Bryant

    Chat Room Software

    Well some people will do searches on this site for chat room and this post will come up. The responses might help someone else as well.
  9. Corey Bryant

    Dont do this?

    MythBusters did a show about this awhile back. From what I remember, the myth was busted.
  10. Corey Bryant

    Is HTML dead?

    What about .NET, ASP, etc? I don't use PHP, don't expect to. I use a little ASP - mainly for reading databases. Been looking into some .NET classes to extend on that some since the Expression Suite is focusing more on .NET and seems to be saying good-bye to ASP.
  11. Corey Bryant

    Software for edditing photo.

    The Expression Studio has some interesting programs as well. I have been working with those for awhile.
  12. Corey Bryant

    Best Photo Management Software?

    You might also check out the Expression programs from Microsoft. They seem to have come a long way in some of their products related to media.
  13. Corey Bryant

    Need a Real Programmer - Please Help

    You can add a JavaScript like >function externalLinks() { if (!document.getElementsByTagName) return; var anchors = document.getElementsByTagName("a"); for (var i=0; i if(!anchors[i].href.match('www.example.com/')) {anchors[i].target = "_blank";} } } window.onload = externalLinks; Then any link that does not have http://www.example.com in it will load in a new window. Are you using server side includes or something like that to help you maintain the site?
  14. Corey Bryant

    Project Mangement Software- Which One to Go for?

    Freelancer Panel would be the one I would recommend.
  15. Corey Bryant

    Making flash tutorials

    If you did want a professional voice talent Lynn Brooks is who I would recommend. She is very easy to work with and reasonable in her fees.